Musings of a TeaTotaler Mind at a Beer Party

What happens when a blogger goes to one of the spiciest parties in the town, he takes pictures and he blogs about it. Now what happens when two bloggers go to the same party they discuss, take pictures and blog about it. Now Imagine 10 bloggers in the party and you have fun, drama, humor, satire, comments, and obviously the pictures and the blog. The Pictures you can see above and blog you are reading right now. So I got a chance to attend one of the exclusive party from Fosters called the Art of Chilling, the invitation was courtesy Indiblogger and man I am more than thankful to them not only because it was a great party and I had a time of my life, but also because I met so many people and had an amazing time and conversations with them.

So now here I put in 5 steps to throw a great party which I learned at the Fosters Art of Chilling Party-

1- Venue & Music – Choose the venue in one of the most happening locations in the city with a huge pool. In our case the venue was Koregaon Park, Club Solaris (If you are from Pune and wondering where the heck is a club solaris in KP, don’t worry I was asking the same question. Club Solaris is right near the HRC). Get a great DJ who knows how to play for a pool party, and people we had amazing music for our ears, though in brief moment I felt a number of times he was going to play “Saat Samundar Paar….” But every time he managed to save the sanity, I am sure one of the Muscle Shops (read Boxers at the party) was standing right behind him.

2- Attraction- Now step two you get a pool, no don’t expect the people invited in the party to dive right in. Get eye candy models from the Firangi land throw then in. Oh and also ensure the swim suits are nice. Now for the early arrivals would do nothing but at least would keep their attention in the pool. Now ask these models to come out and actually hand over the can of beer. Make sure there is a Fosters logo at the right places, guys would be guys they are bound to stare that’s called promotional placement yam bee yay people right?

3- Beer & Food- Now the major attraction unlimited beer and a pool side barbeque on the house. Well an amazing spread of barbeques covering varieties of vegetarian and non vegetarian eateries with beer and drinks, by the pool side with beautiful people all around you and in the pool. And you get everyone hooked.

4- The Glitterati- Invite everyone who has the taste for the party and may be the dresses and figure to enhance the spice in the party, if you know what I mean. I mean the crowd of the party was one of the best combinations of Pune’s glitterati.

5- Bartender Repeat- Well the step 5 is to repeat the above 4 steps at regular interval. So basically this is the point where I tell Fosters to ensure the party keeps happening again and again (and yes I am hoping to get my invites other times too)

So this is basically what was the party about or as the fosters might call it, The Art of Chilling. Now I come to the part of what the bloggers do, basically 10 bloggers were invited from Pune, and what fun we had. As a matter of fact none of us had an idea what this party is going to be like so a lot of us were not dressed according to the mood (which by the way closer to being undressed :-D). We all met and commented on how we guys are going to have fun except for the girls who were asking a relevant question.

You know as they say guys enjoy easily in life throw a couple of beers and a women in a swimsuit and we have our Nirvana and in this case we were over drafting our enjoyment account by twice of the size of debt which Lehman had when it went down under be it beer or the women.

Within the first few minutes of the party we decided it would be a futile effort to discuss the effect of social media vis-à-vis traditional media or the emerging trends in search engine optimization. Though Kiran made a very genuine effort to pull in the blogging based conversations when he asked one of the swimsuit clad models if she blogged. She gave him a look as if he just had dissent from the Mars, I am sure she would be aware of men are from mars thingie but Kiran’s Direct dissent was a tad too much for her and she eloped back in the safe haven of swimsuits, pool and beer.

Then we had a lot of pointless but hilarious conversations and actually I came up with a whole new section of Bhavya’s joke of the day, a joke reflecting the contrast between two sides of her as a Java programmer and her as a person-

Now I have death threat issued against me by her if I am sharing any of my jokes. To start with I am trying to share one and if I am found dead, missing you know who to find-

So basically in the party we found Bhavya was really averse to her pictures being taken, ironically she was carrying her own camera. So I came with the following jokes-

Why is Bhavya averse to getting her snaps clicked in a poolside party? – Because by orientation she OBJECTS. (For non Java programmers Objects are an important part of the Java Programming)

So the bottom line is all of us had a lot of fun and it was really awesome to meet a lot of fellow bloggers. As I said when ten bloggers meet at the party all they do is have fun, conversations and everything to make a great day.

I met the following blogger at the party (I am missing some names would update as soon as I get their blog links)


Dr. Roshan

Sahil Khan

Prasoon Kumar

Neeraj Jain

Kiran Pillai

Ravish Mody

Aditya Marathe

21 comments on “Musings of a TeaTotaler Mind at a Beer Party”

  1. Renie Reply

    Looks like you guys had a great time, wish we could have landed up! 🙂

  2. Tanvi Reply

    wow..Looks like u had a rocking weekend…Good for u. thanks for the tips…

    Planning to have a party soon.. 🙂

  3. *Aham* Reply

    wonderful wonderful post…

    P.S. Next time please do click some boys in swim suits also. Pls pls pls.

  4. Nadhiya Mali Reply

    Looks like u have had some great time…. but you dint take me 🙁 🙁

  5. kiranspillai Reply

    a vegetarian teetotaler can still have some fun with carrots, coconut juice and sprite. Eye candies are a definite winner. Throw in pirate hats and Pool basketball (which could conveniently played from land too).

    I had a great time! thanks man

  6. Dr Roshan R Reply

    It was an awesome party, wasn't it ? I had a lot of fun ( as is evident from the pics, I think 🙂 ).
    Anyway, it was great meeting you and sahil… hope we get to meet more often. Take care.

  7. Bhavya Reply

    Start counting ur days from now…

    This java girl is soon gonna kill U, Garbage Collection is about to get executed.

  8. partywithneha Reply

    amazing! so when's the next party? how do i get invited? tell me no,temme temme…Hehe I'm excited already

  9. Srivats Reply

    looks like u had loads of fun 🙂 keep rocking and keep the posts coming

  10. Prats Reply

    @Srivats: Will be doing the Tag very soon friend

    @Smita: Oh yes I absolutely did

    @partywithneha: Will surely take you when i get the next invite

  11. Prats Reply

    @Bhavya (Bhavis): I am scared now 🙂

    @Bhavya: Yes I absolutely did

    @Dr Roshan: Same here doc.

    @Meera: 🙂

  12. Prats Reply

    @Kiran: Thanks to you too man.. Was good fun meeting you.

    @Deepti: Yes

    @Nadhiya: You don’t come to Pune, What I can do?

    @Aham: Will take care of that in future

  13. Prats Reply

    @Tanvi: Really? Am I invited

    @Renie: We missed you too man

    @Anshul: Lolzzz

    @Rush_me: It was through Indiblogger

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