November 16, 2010

Have you ever wondered that how time passes things which were alien and unknown become very important and the known and important become faint memories. I am posting this a bit late but then you are not a blogger unless you make the excuse “I so wanted to write this some days back but I couldn’t really find the time”.

Now that I am done with pleasantries excuses let me get to the important stuff. 16th November is an important date for me; its my mom’s birthday. But in addition to that it also marks the day in year 2005 when I wrote my first blog post. I don’t think I should provide the link here lest all you folks desert my blog and go. So this week on Tuesday I completed 5 glorious years of blogging; around 290 posts I have managed to clock an average of more than a post a week (special thanks to two NaBloPoMo I undertook).

But more than the average, the visitor count, hits, and subscriber there is one more thing which has kept me at blogging; the satisfaction of writing something, utilizing myself in a way that I really enjoy. Someone tweeted some days back on my timeline (I don’t remember who, so couldn’t link to the tweet) which I firmly believe about blogging “The basic reason for being a blogger should be intrinsic, no matter the readership”. So here I am after 5 years wishing a little space in the virtual world I created for myself a very Happy Birthday.

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I wish that you keep adding the flavor and aroma to every one’s life, many more Ginger & Cardamom for the tea of life.

Coming back to November 16th, another important even happened; the book Urban Shots, where my story was published was finally launched on this day at Keps Corner Crosswords in Mumbai. So for the record I am a published author now. If you want to buy the book, it is available here.

Urban Shots

Urban Shots

23 comments on “November 16, 2010”

  1. Phoenixritu Reply

    Happy Birthday to your Mom and to Ginger and Cardamom! Blogging is about connecting to your own essence, to reach out within you and bring the real you out. I do not think one can connect with others if one is not true and honest to oneself. Sure, the followers and comments are important, but those dont come unless you can connect.

  2. Vipul Reply

    belated happy birthday to aunty and ur blog. Your blog is always a good read for me and give me a motivation to write too. Hope you will continue writing blog after becoming a author also. Congratulations for your first book.

  3. Deeps Reply

    Congratulations, Prats! 16th Nov has such vast significance for you.
    Happy B’day to your mom. To your blog :). And hearty congratulations on becoming a published author. I hope to be in India next month, will def try and pick the book 🙂

    Heres to many many more 🙂

    Keep blogging and keep writing 🙂

  4. anshima Reply

    congrats on being a published author and for having completed 5 years of suuccesful blogging 🙂
    we love you bhaiya!!

  5. Pooja Reply

    Congratulations on completing 5 years and for the book.

    Just had the book delivered. Looking forward to reading it.

  6. Bikram Reply

    many happy returns of the day to the blog.. and cognratulations to you .. for the 5 years

    and whats more , more congrats on the publication of the book .. lets see if i can get my hands on it in uk or maybe when i visit india i can find it there …


  7. Swaram Reply

    Wow! Heartiest wishes to ur Mom, ur blog and to the published author 🙂 Wishing u a most wonderful journey ahead too 🙂

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