Office Blues

You know going to office is an ordeal for me. I have always loved a line from Rachel Green when she talked about her life when she comes to know about how Ross like her and she goes to get him at the airport. She says, “When I saw him get off that plane with her, I really thought I hit rock bottom. But today, it’s like there’s rock bottom, then 50 feet of crap, then me”

I surprisingly think that my office follows a similar way of appreciation, every time I think I have managed a situation came out of the pit, it dugs up a deeper one pushes me in and says now come up. When I joined my work I thought I really loved it, I love it now too but 5 horrible setbacks they did to me-

1- Changing cities- You know when I was a kid, I used to be so jealous of people whose dad have transferrable jobs because they go to see new cities, new places. They had so many stories to tell. I was always stuck with same set of people and same old stories. When I grew up I also outgrew these idiotic sentiments. But somehow my company was listening and listening pretty well. They thought the perfect way to keep me happy was transfer me across 5 time in two years across 3 different cities (yaar itna to Mayawati bhi UP ke DMs ka nahi karati)

2- Office Timings- Well the place I hear from the veterans used to be a fun land where everyone was only bothered about how sincerely you completed your work and nothing else. But now we have some things called policies & directives in place. The bottom line due to them if I stay is office for less than 9.25 hours I get a leave deducted and if I stay more than it, it is expected. (yeh bhi koi insaaf hai meri salary bhi unke pass aur meri leave bhi unke paas jab chahe tab kaat lete hai :-()

3- The internet- this is a major irritant at my work place. I really hate websense. I am thinking that I should call a meeting of all the people who have been tortured by this F**KING morons sitting in San Diego, lets contribute buy the shares of the company and simply close it down. This would be one gift from us to the entire humanity. Some inventions shouldn’t have been done this damn software is one of them. Well you can read abt this nuisance in my office here as well.

4- Car Parking & Campus – We have a multilevel car parking of 10 Floors with a capacity exceeding 2000 cars. Now this parking is actually built in the corner and any workplace building is around 1 Km from it at least that too uphill while coming back. My one question why, Why this idiotic car place right in the center? Why you expect us to slog our backsides off and then actually fight an uphill battle on feet or cycles to reach our car and then drive 15-40 Kms to reach home. No when you recruited us, we never pledged our life to you.

5- Security- Now this is the latest Icing in the cake, they have reduced a lot many number of guards may be with an idea to cut costs. So essentially what happened today was there was a 2 Kms long line of cars while the remaining guards were struggling to check every care to let it in. Generally there are 15 guards passing around 12 cars at one time. Now this has been reduced to 7 which actually resulted in a huge waiting and I actually waited for 45 minutes to actually get to the Car Park and then another 15 mins to walk to my building.

I hope this damn recession ends and some sanity is restored in the work place. Otherwise one of my most admired corporations would turn into a hell hole which people would despise and loath.

9 comments on “Office Blues”

  1. Monika Reply

    nodded to each one of them prats

    and coming to security do u know one of the companies in blore actually has sniffer dogs to check the cars… they actually do 🙂

  2. Prats Reply

    @Monika: You know what if they bring sniffer dogs in my office I will start playing with them 🙂 Will bring a bone for them to office.

    @partywithneha: yes you definitely can. Replied to you already.

  3. Vinni Reply

    lol. you have almost completed two years with **** and this was the right time to write this.
    i do agree parking can be apain, the way you mentioned. fuck man. i would have murdered someone at work if that happened to me!

  4. Prats Reply

    @Vinni: Don’t ever join my company or might get arrested for murder!!

  5. Prats Reply

    @Reema: Well more than the job, the enabling factors are an irritant

  6. Srivats Reply

    Sorry about your job, may be after sometime you can get promotions like rachel then put your hands up in empty apartment and say

    ” I am a assistant buyer” I have office with walls “

    and then later someone might hire you,offering u a job in paris with exhubarant pay 🙂

    If 50 feet of crap can happen so can this , isnt ?

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