Quiz #1 Indian Politics

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1- I once took over a prominent post in the government from a Cambridge and an Oxford Alumnus and was succeeded by an MBA Alumnus from Harvard. The story of my life changed at the “Teen Murti Bhavan” in Delhi. Who Am I?

2- Professor APJ Abdul Kalam was the third Indian President who received the The Bharat Ratna Honor before being elected to the Highest Office. Name the two presidents who were awarded The Bharat Ratna before being elected as the President.

3- This job description comes with a perk of being entitled to a Mercedes S-Class? Which government post I am talking about?

4- I was born in December 1954 and I died at an age of 53 after being shot by 3 bullets in the chest. I was awarded Ashok Chakra posthumously. A graduate of National Institute of Technology Nagpur, I have worked for GOI, HLL and RAW. Who am I?

5- The federal parliamentary multi-party representative democratic republic System of the Indian Constitution has been derived from the political framework of another country. What is the original name of the system?

6- Identify what important event is happening in the image shown below?

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