Quiz #3: How Well Do You Know Sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Being a great fan of the Sitcom Friends myself, I always thought that I would be able to make a great quiz out of it. And I really thought people would enjoy it too, because Friends have touched a chord with almost everyone who has enjoyed watching it. But take my word on it, making a quiz on Friends was a really difficult task because of so much information on Google and the sheer volume of episodes it has. Nevertheless, this is my try of making a quiz from the sitcom, hope all you Quizzers like it.

1- What Is the first question asked by Monica to Chandler when he moved in with her?

2-Who are the two Friends Characters who have kissed all other Friends?

3- Which was the one book which was read by Phoebe, Monica and Rachel and were deeply influenced by the feminist insights?

4- This Friends character’s first spouse was an Ice Dancer and the couple finally got divorced because of the problems arising out of the sexual orientation issues around them, Identify the Couple?

5- I am a friends’ character and I dated a girl named Precious in one of the Seasons. Who am I?

6- Both of us are featured in Friends and our friendship became so strong over the years that I am the Godmother/Godfather for my co-star from Friend’s baby in real life. Identify both the friends’ characters (Ex. Joey is Godfather of Monika’s Child)

7- What is the first wishes on the first thanksgiving to everyone by Ross followed by Rachel?

8- Identify the Connect between the images below with the Sitcom Friends-





Same Thing

Same Thing

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Quiz Rules-

1- Each quiz will have a theme and there would be a set of questions relating to that theme.

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3- This is not a contest and there are no prizes however the Top 5 entries would be acknowledged on the blog.

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5- In case of tied scores or any conflict, my discretion would remains final.

6- I have the right to terminate this quiz at any point of time.

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  1. Ekta

    Oops…sorry…filled and sent the wrong form [in case if you are wondering] 🙂

    Nice-robust quiz and i am keen to see how many of us know the right answer.

    Oh i? I know none:0)

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