Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Hamare Dil Mein Hai

Today is the day three brave martyr’s day Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were hanged for their participation in revolutionary activities for the Indian Freedom from the hands of British. Today is the day to be thankful and pay respects and tributes to these great martyr’s, who laid their lives to ensure our generation breathes in an era of independence. It is also our duty to protect and respect the freedom and country for which so many lives have been laid. There can be and are books written on the contribution of these brave men in the struggle of Indian independence, and I can go on and on, on this topic.

However, I leave you with a poem from one of the contemporaries of these brave revolutionaries, Ram Prasad Bismil who was not only a revolutionary freedom fighter, but also a poet of great stature. A poem which became the theme and binding thread for all revolutionaries of that time.

Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna

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2 comments on “Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Hamare Dil Mein Hai”

  1. Bikram Reply

    now that is surly my kind of song.. oh yes the martyrs whome we seem to have forgotten about .. the people who got us the free air we breath in ..

    I have also written a lot of posts on the martyrs ..


  2. Shailenedra Reply

    salute to the great men who are the real heros of our freedom fight.

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