Shakti Aur Kshama (Power & Forgiveness)

This is one of the best poems and a very relevant lesson in diplomacy. Written by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. One of the most cherished poets in Hindi language.

I read the above poem when I was a school kids and the thoughts of it lingered with me for a long long time. It has stayed with me for over years and I wanted to produce something as my tribute and gratitude towards the great poet and his impeccable philosophy. This is my effort to portray the above poem in the English language.

Morals mercy kindness resolve and sacrifice
Everything possible on earth you tried,
Of the mighty Suyodhan we know
No signs of truce and acceptance he showed.

The merciful thou were to enemies old & new
Carrying the humility by your own virtue,
The evil Kaurava’s laughing & indulging in their vice
Mistook your humility as Cowardice.

For all the years of atrocities and bearing the pain
The result always is no gain,
The might of the male or the powers divine,
Have lost their glory for being soft & kind.

The mercy & forgiveness can be bestowed by everyone
But the glory resides only for the snake with the venom,
What value is the mercy of the soft & kind,
Like the snake who lost his poison, and its teeth been grind.

Remember the old legend of lord Rama my friend
Who with all humility asked the sea to make amends,
Three days only the words of love and kindness he said,
Urging with the limitless sea for a path to be laid.

When the sea sat unheard out of his own arrogance,
Lord Rama also enraged his temper and stance,
With all the masculinity on his bow and the fire on the tip of arrow,
The sea realized what he should have already known.

Came down to his feet, begging forgiveness of Ram,
Agreed to give the way getting his life in alms,
In reality the glory of the mercy and humility
Reside in the one’s power and ability.

The whole word is willing to worship the merciful, humble and the kind
Only if the prowess over the world is enlightened behind,
The essence of the humility as a virtue
Lies in you ability to destruct, not in stew.

24 comments on “Shakti Aur Kshama (Power & Forgiveness)”

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  2. Meera Reply

    Really very nice!

    And thanks for translating. I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate the meaning well!


    • Prats Reply

      @meera: Sure thing, will translate some other works of Dinkar too… I am sure you would like them… very deep.

  3. adee Reply

    “kshama shobti us bhujang ko…” some of my most favorite lines ever. Dinkar ji mesmerizes with his use of Hindi. have u read ‘Rashmirathi’ if not, then grab it asap. u WILL love it 🙂


  4. tikulicious Reply

    This is simply lovely. I have always loved his poetry and the english traslation is excellent. I love Rashmirathi.. must read for all. thanks Prats for encouraging readers to read Hindi poetry and literature. Keep visiting.

    • Prats Reply

      @Tikuli: Thanks, The idea was actually inspired when you did a similar translation. I wanted to do sth with this poem since a long time and when I saw you had translated a hindi poem on your blog in English. I knew this what I should do to post about this one. And I totally agree with you on the Rashmirathi, it is definitely a must read.

  5. gauri tiwari Reply

    very nice poems i’m amazed at who wrote these poems ???
    who so ever wrote it must is a very great poet or must have experienced that how nice we feel when we forgive someone ….
    very beautiful poem ….. great job ….

    • Prats Reply

      @Gauri Tiwari: Thanks a lot, the original is written by Sri Ramdhari Singh Dinkar and the translation is done by me.

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