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Before I write this post out, I want to clarify that I am a huge guy. When I say I mean literally huge with 6’3” in height and weight crossing over the century number. It is not that I am not aware of the ill effects of being obese, but over years I have realized one of the toughest things to be accomplished by a person is to lose weight and I have grown an immense respect for people who have managed to lose weight, something I have been trying hard since last few years.

But this post isn’t about being overweight; it is about one of the problems of having a huge body frame. The problem is buying clothes, for one the large sizes are extremely difficult to find. You go to a showroom, ask for a jeans with the waist size of 32 and there are at 50 different pieces will be floated around you to choose from. The moment you utter 40 they take 2-3 pairs and that’s all you get to choose from and the irony you would already have those pairs in your wardrobe.

If that was not all, I believe the sale season is one of the most discriminatory practices in the Indian free market. You hardly find any discounts on the clothes for extra large sized. I went to the Levi’s store which had a tempting buy two get two free sale on jeans. After half an hour long ordeal of trying through all the stock they had in stores for my size I managed to select four pairs (2 of which were almost similar to what I already had), when I went to the billing counter the sales girl tells me “Sir no discount on XXL size”.  There is nothing which infuriates you more when you have wasted your time in the claustrophobic trial room and then finally somebody tells you that you will be paying extra as compared to rest of the world.

As if all these tortures were not enough, the fashion designers the devious of the lot have been conspiring the so called “Healthy” people. Can you believe when you go and ask for a 44 size shirt and a 40 waist jeans and they show you a “Slim Fit”. In what parallel universe a guy with that kind of frame needs a slim fit? A 40 waist slim fit isn’t it an oxymoron? I sometimes wonder what these designers are thinking when they design clothes, you make a shirt of size 44 it means that the chest would be around 48-50 inches. Now by what law of probability will the waist/stomach will be 43, for god’s sake at least make clothes which probabilistically going to sell more.

I think enough of these moronic brands and their designers, it is time to find out the good old tailor who will carefully measure you and make clothes that fit all without being judgmental.

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  1. K Ramesh Reply

    Ahhh – Prats ; thank your stars that you don’t live in China. I am tall, but extremely slim, and I couldn’t get size 40 shirts easily there – what chance would you have of 44 :):). And size 10 shoes ?? No way; I had to come to India to get them, and even here, not so easy to find.

    Had the opposite problem to you when I was in the UK. I could never get waist size 30 – they start at 32; so again I had to tank up in India.

    So no joy in life unless you are average size. Maybe we should join up and divide ourselves by 2 and then we’ll be fine !!!!

  2. Saurabh Reply

    Bespoke rocks, a big part of my wardrobe has tailored shirts and trousers. So you have nothing to worry. Slim fit for waist 40 is insdeed an oxymoron.

  3. Pri Reply

    Oh Prats tell me about it. I too am large and definitely not coz of large frame….so lets call it being obese….
    Every time I visit a store to shop, the sales person scans me and bluntly says sorry: your size not available….and if it is available then there is slim chance of choice….
    can truly relate…

  4. Shilpa Garg Reply

    I know what you mean, Prats. I face such issues when buying Jeans too. And in a multi-brand outlet, I now know, which brands to clearly ignore!

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