Swine Flu Fun- II

Now that all around there has been too much of Swine Flu panic. My city has been most critical with maximum number of Swine Flu deaths in the country. Now its time to lower the anxiety and hype over Swine Flu, and crack some really bad jokes-

Approaching a girl the swine flu way-

Boy goes near the girl and pinches the bottom.

Girl Turns and Shouts back “You Bloody SWINE!!!”

Guy- “At least, I didn’t cause the flu”

Counting Miles-

Me- If I register myself with Jet Airways with the name Swine, will I be able to get all the Frequent Flier Miles for all the times “Swine Flu”

Friend- Nah, Jet Airways is not the official “Carrier” for Swine Flu.

Swine Flu Investing-

Me- Investment Tip of the month, Invest in Surgical Equipments and FMCG.

Friend- Why?

Me- The consumption of masks and soap has sky rocketed after swine flu. I am washing my hands with soap very hour and even after I pee.

Friend- Oh you should do it before also, you don’t want the Virus to enter in you through all the wrong places.

Swine Flu Date-

Girl to the Doctor- Doctor, Please check me for Swine Flu?

Doc- You having cough cold fever etc?

Girl- No

Doc- You visited a Swine Flu infected place recently

Girl- Oh No!!! My boy friend is a Pig and I am sleeping with him.

Swine Flu Movie-

A movie being made on relationship of Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky could not be completed why?

The Heroine refused to remove the mask for the final scenes.

18 comments on “Swine Flu Fun- II”

  1. Pallavi Reply

    LOL again. Are all these original? I mean, not forwarded? If yes, brilliant! If not, thanks for sharing anyway :-)))

  2. Meira Reply

    lol. Soon we’l have pirated masks and masks in different colors and designs, to match our dresses. Vanity, you see.

  3. Sri Reply

    LOL hilarious, at the same time I pray for all those innocent victims to get proper medical attention and help, God bless us all!

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