5 Ways for Swine Flu Fun

Swine Flu Fun

Swine Flu Fun

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The way Swine Flu has got the attention and hype, once can use it for some fun and harmless advantages. I am listing 5 instances which I can use for some fun.

1- Security check at the Company Gate– when the security guard opens the door of the car and scoops his head inside to ruffle through everything kept in my car. I just hate this routine, it delays me and I specially hate when he presses the soft toy dog kept on the back of my car, damn it I am not carrying the bomb in the soft toy, and this is not 1987 when we will do it inspired by Mr. India. This is 2009 we have swine flu, so all I am going to cough loudly and very badly. Let’s see if he is willing to perform his karma despite the Pigs flying.

2- When she calls– You in a middle of an important meeting and the new new wifee calls. What to do, simple cough vociferously point to your manager that you need to step out. Courtesy swine flu, your manager would not expect you back and won’t mind if you say you went to the doc to check if the cough attack was swine flu.

3- In a queue– When you standing in a queue which is moving very slow. Just start coughing loudly and say it aloud “the cough with fever doesn’t make sense. I don’t have this generally”

4- Avoiding handshakes– So if people still extending their hands for a handshake and you don’t want to do it for your own fear of swine flu. Just before the handshake cough loudly with open mouth and keep you hand to cover it. Then extend the same hand with wiping it off. More often than not the person extending the hand would back off.

5- Medical Store– If you find the medial store or the chemists are jam packed an you not able to reach the counter, to get your medicine. Ask loudly for “Tamiflu” and Swineflu masks then recite rest of your medicine list. In all probable cases crowd would gradually disappear and Chemist would be listening to you with all ears providing you with stuff and get rid of you from his shop.

So these are 5 ways with which you can have some Swine Flu fun. The post is written totally in Humor. Please take the illness seriously and don’t get hyped on it.

27 comments on “5 Ways for Swine Flu Fun”

  1. vinni Reply

    LOL. added some humor to the otherwise crazy swine flu. one more thing we can do:

    tell your boss that u have a cold and cough/body ache etc and insist on coming to work.

    • Prats Reply

      @Vinni: Good idea, but they anyways gonna deduc from my leave account. We dont have a seperate sick leave account 🙁

    • Prats Reply

      @brocasarea: I know, you people will have to face the paranoia of all the peoples coming so scared. Take care and bless you for the good work you guys are doing.

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  3. Kedar Reply

    lolzz… really good post. Liked If you find the medial store or the chemists are jam packed …. Ask loudly for “Tamiflu” the most.

    • Prats Reply

      @Kedar: You won’t believe I called out for a mask at a chemist coughing and sneezing. I got such a quick attention and response.

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