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Release Day 29

“No, I cannot release you. How can you quit in such critical stage this is like a betrayal” the boss said.
“But you said I was good for nothing last appraisal”
“Oh no, I can’t let you go, no matter what”

He stood up and slapped him tightly after all he couldn’t fire him anyways.

The Phone Call – Day 11

The phone ran, with an unknown number on the screen.
It was 6 in the morning.
Nobody calls him so early is it mom’s asthama or dad’s cholesterol or may be something else.
He picked the phone frightened to hear the worst-

“Reliance Caller Tunes….Chuniye Hazaron gaano mein apni caller tune Sirf Rs 30/Month”

Self Help -Day 3

I watched her across the shelf in glistening yellow. I was attracted, despite her face was calling me an Idiot. Turned out she had a price tag attached with herself.

I know I am an Idiot but not kinds who would pay for to be called one,

that too for “An Idiot’s guide to Something….”

This is my second attempt to a 55er, I hope you folks like it. Now you know why I don’t read the Idiot’s guide and the dummies series 🙂

Hidden Agendas

This is my first attempt at a 55er, posting it anyway so that I can break the block I am facing in writing new posts. Need your feedback on the 55ers so that I can write better ones in future. So comments and feedback are desperately looked forward to.

And yes for the updates, yeah, I got married, joined a new job and moved to Bangalore. Will post more detailed updates all the areas later till then enjoy this 55er.

He entered the bus and saw her amidst the crowd; he went and stood right ahead of her, his elbows brushing her bosom.
He was enjoying the touch when he felt her hand inside his trouser pockets. He closed his eyes in ecstasy, opening them only to find her gone.
And so was his wallet.