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Suicide at High Noon

As last time this too is from a team building comptetion we had at our offsite. The rules of the game were that one had to write a suicide note which should include the following-

  • Not more than 80 words
  • It should have one Name
  • It should have two places
  • It should have threee animal (Air, Land and Water)
  • It should have four things

So this what I wrote and it was appreciated generally by the audience and also got the prize-

Hi Helena,

When you saw me naked holding our dog by the rear and I said “Oh Fish”, it wasn’t because I was doing the dog, it would be cuckoo. I wasn’t doing our fish either. I was ironing my trunks for my trip to Los Angeles when the dog pulled it down and the iron fell from the board on my “thing” and I ran to fetch some Ice from the kitchen when you saw me.

But that is not the reason why I am commiting sucide; I am treading this path out of embarrasement. During my interview with the firm from Argentina when they asked me for my testimonials; I probably showed them the wrong thing.

Embarrasingly yours,


Ps. This post might be greater than 80 words because I am trying to recreate it from memory. During the contest I had great help in editing by a dear collegaue Aishwarya who ensured this was compressed within a limit of 80 words.

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Auszeichnung Zeit

For those wondering what the above title is; it stands for Award Time in German. It was very kind of Shilpa from A Rose is a Rose to bestow ‘The Versatile Blogger’ award on my blog. Things like these matter a lot for keeping the motivation, specially when you are emerging out of hibernation. Thanks a lot Shilpa for this award and also sticking to my blog even when I was struggling to write a new post.

So like all other awards this award too comes with some riders:

  • Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers
  • Inform the Bloggers of their nomination
  • Share 7 Random things about yourself
  • Thank the Blogger who nominated you
  • Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post
  • So last things first and here goes the picture of the award.

    And a tonne of thanks goes to Shilpa for the award. Now comes the tough part coming about 7 random things about myself.

  • I am a crazy Harry Potter fan, have watched all movies and read all their books more than 15 times
  • Motor Sports & Driving is my kind of adventure, water sports are an absolute no
  • I have a very sweet tooth, and I cannot resist a well made brownie
  • Buying and researching cars and gadgets is one of my favorite past time apart from reading & writing
  • I believe in Astrology and horoscopes but then I am not crazy about it and also believe that there are very few genuine people who know this art or science
  • I have a weak corner for sunglasses, Perfumes and watches
  • I have been blogging for 6 years now and I don’t think it would ever be enough.
  • I would have loved to tag 15 bloggers but then I have been away from the blogging circuit for a while and most of the bloggers I follow have already got this award. So I am not tagging any of the bloggers, but if you are reading this and you haven’t received this award before consider yourself awarded.

    Milestone: Published

    One of my seniors from the engineering college had a line etched on his hostel door which has inspired me since I have read it for the first time “One thing I like about stones in my path is, when I cross them they become my milestones
    This is a big moment for me, I got published in Sakaal Times on Friday July 30th, 2010. It was a long waited aspiration that one day I would write something that would see my name in the print. A dream long before I even started this blog, and all I feel right now is a stone crossed and a milestone achieved. And I hope for many more to come.

    Below is the scan of the paper carrying my article, you can click on the image to read my piece at the bottom of the page.

    Being a Panelist-II

    One of the fabulous movies I have seen, Dasvidaniya would make it to the list for sure. The concept was simple and message penetrating. A perfectly healthy and hearty Vinay Pathak comes to know he is about to die in 3 months of an ailment. There on he tries to live reclaim his life and makes a 10 points to-do list as targets to achieve in next 3 months to feel his life satisfied. It was entertaining as well as emotionally connecting at a deeper level on what he made as the list. I could find myself relating to a lot of points on that list, one of them was getting his photograph being printed on the newspaper.

    Though I belong to the new age media and read most of my newspapers and magazines online, still there is no feeling like seeing your name and photograph in the traditional real newspaper. I discovered this recently, this is how?

    Article Mentioning Ginger & Cardamom With Me in Pic

    Article Mentioning Ginger & Cardamom With Me in Pic

    As you would know I was invited to be a panelist at this book reading event. It was an entertaining day where I shared the stage with Ahmed, the author of Love Life & All That Jazz, Paritosh, the author of Dream in Prussian Blue, and Priya, who runs Chrysalis Counseling. The event was an absolutely fun event and an engaging one too, where we discussed myriads of topics including relationships, careers, youths, marriages, books, Indian publications and Indian authors.

    We had a meaningful discussion being constantly engaged by the audience with pointing question, insightful observations, and some delight experiences. I would say that day when I got off that stage, I did after being a more learned person than who had actually stepped on it. With the panel so distinct in areas of expertise and an audience with a great interest and understanding, the event didn’t seem to end at all.

    It was a big day for Ahmed who was reading out his second edition of his book. And for Paritosh whose book The Dreams in Prussian Blue was being launched. I had a lot of fun being with the entire panel. Ahmed, who is a brilliant & eloquent speaker, actually managed & steered the whole show with constantly involving the panel and audience. On the other hand Paritosh, provided brilliant insights on what goes inside writing a book and how it actually works out in the publication industry. Priya, brought a note of vibrancy to the entire discussion with her quick and enriched comments with years of counseling experience behind them.

    The pictures from the event are as following.

    Ps. All those who would like to point out that I have gained weight after wedding, I already know and the plans to shed it already in the forming 😀


    So friends this has been a season of awards, I was nominated for Avant Garde Blogger awards. The final results have been out and as I have been told, I have secured the place amidst esteemed bloggers for being the blogger whose rant is second most interesting.

    Now coming back to basics I am a tad too confused, if I should be happy that I won an award or be sad that I am recognized as some who would rant a lot. Given the fact the crazy bloke I am, I choose to be happy and shout Yay!!!!

    So this is the batch I got as an award-

    Now Monika also awarded me here with this Cherry on the Top award. The rules to receive this awards are –

    1. Thank the person that gave this to you
    2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
    3. List 3 things you love about yourself
    4. Post a picture you love (e.g a person you adore etc.)
    5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to

    Okay so going in line with the rules, Thanks a lot Monika, you absolutely raowck!!!!! Here are 3 things I love about myself.

    1- My habit of making friends with people- Given the instances where I have displayed unparalleled human stupidity, people have still chosen to stick with yours truly. I don’t know why but whatever it is that makes me friends with people is something I love about myself.

    2- I love that I am an avid reader, I have grown to a better and a more self-aware person all courtesy my reading habit.

    3- I love the fact that I enjoy driving, be it an open highway and clear roads, or a jam packed traffic filled commute. If I have a good vehicle I don’t mind driving.

    Now for the picture, this one is from our honeymoon and marks my journey of life with Wifeee. Nothing better than this in my life, and this picture captures it all.

    Okay so people who would get this award are-
    1- Deepti
    2- Anshima
    3- Vinni
    4- Meira
    5- Reema

    Cross Posted

    One of the achievement in any sphere of life is being acknowledged by someone you always looked up to. Those are the moments that actually make all the efforts you have been putting in worth it, inspire you to put in even more.

    One of the person I look up to for writing poems is Tikuli and when she told me that she wants a post from my blog cross posted in her blog. I wasn’t sure if she was joking, but nevertheless I quickly gave her the post and froze my blog on status quo silently hoping she won’t change her mind about me. Thankfully she didn’t and finally here is my post she has cross posted on her blog here.

    200 Posts, 4 Years, Story of G&C

    November 16, is a very important date in my life. A birthday of two people who matter a lot in my life, My Mom and My Blog.

    Happy Birthday Mom, Happy Birthday G&C

    Happy Birthday Mom, Happy Birthday G&C

    Image Courtesy: Google Images
    It was a mere coincidence that I started blogging on the same day as my mom’s birthday. And now it’s been 200 Posts and 4 years since I started blogging. At an average of 50 posts a year, I almost managed a post a week on an average basis. This has been one long journey with loads of up and downs, a lot of writers blocks, lazy times, National Blog Posting Month Blogathon, Awards, mentions and more.
    Bogging used to be very different when I started on November 16, 2005, It actually took me hours to come up with the name Ginger & Cardamom (more about it later in the post).
    Though somehow none of my real life friends were much into blogging and were hardly interested in what I wrote. But I made new friends and connected with a lot of people through blogs, and I have seen a lot during these 4 years. A lot of blogs dying over the years and that too of some people who I thought were better writers than I was. Somehow they didn’t survived in this world and I still pity for those dead blogs and I am so grateful to the almighty that I did survive. There were a lot of times when I felt letting it go but somehow I stick to it and glad that I did.

    So on the fourth birthday of Ginger & Cardamom, I have decided to share with all of you the story of how I named my blog.
    I was always an obsessive competitor by nature, especially more when I was a kid (you know something like Monica Geller in Friends). So I had this need to be acknowledged as the best or the winner every time. So when we were kids me and my cousin Ekta used to come to stay at my place. We were both small studying in 4th and 5th standards. She had recently learned how to make tea, and would do it for elders in the house and was appreciated a lot for that. Me being the snob I am couldn’t digest it too much, so I learned making tea too, to get into the competition. Now we took turns in making tea and the idea was who makes the better tea. Now I took a great lead by discovering two secret ingredients (I don’t remember from where may be heard two elders talking or something) that made my tea near perfect. I would crush a few cut pieces of ginger & mash it with a couple of cardamoms and add to the water while boiling for the tea. I know this is not something rocket science but for 10 years old it wasn’t exactly expected to be known and my tea was always better until Ekta discovered the art. But somehow the pieces of Ginger & Cardamom actually added spice & aroma to my life as a kid. Though I don’t consume tea at all and do not prefer pieced/shredded ginger in my food but the still the pieces of Ginger & Cardamom mattered to me, for it was a part of my childhood, my eccentricities and more than that it was a lesson that sometimes small things like pieces of Ginger & Cardamom add all the spice and zing needed to the tea and your life.

    Since that day, have loved the Ginger & Cardamom the spice & aroma of my own life.

    Hope the Ginger & Cardamom of our lives never die.

    Indiblogger of the Month

    The best wishes of my precious readers, votes of the esteemed fellow bloggers and blessings of the social media, I managed to win the Indiblogger of the Month Contest for September-2009.
    The category for this month was Original Poetry. It was a really tough competition, with an all new format and 185 participating poetry blogs. I actually visited everyone of the blog nominated and realized how tough the competition was and how every blog listed up there deserved to be there. This kind of quality blogs and nominations made this contest at Indiblogger such a coveted one.

    Indiblogger of The Month- Original Poetry

    Indiblogger of The Month- Original Poetry

    Thanks to everyone who voted for me at the contest and believed in the writing’s at Ginger & Cardamom.

    Thank You!

    Thank You!

    Special Thanks to Poonam who despite being in an accident, remembered to mention me in her post asking her readers to vote for my blog and Pal who herself was a worthy contestant for the award mentioned my nominations to her readers and asked them to vote.

    Vote For Me

    As all of my readers would have noticed, that poetry as a form of writing is something that comes really easily to me, something serious, philosophical, or something humorous or may be a day to day situations. Poetry or a limerick is something that comes the most naturally to me and is my most convenient form of expression.
    It was the poetries that I wrote saved me from suffering a writers block or a what should I post today syndrome while doing the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo).
    Now most of you would be wondering why I am harping about poetry so much today, Well I got nominated for the Indiblogger of the Month today contest in the category “Original Poetry”. The posts which have been nominated for the contest are as following-
    An Amorous Antithesis
    Just Another Day
    The High Way To Drive
    The Railway Station

    You can check all my poetry related posts here

    The voting has already started and would remain open for 1 Week from now so all Indiblogger Member please log in and vote for me here-
    The blog is registered with the name Ginger & Cardamom . So please please vote for me.
    For all those who do not have an Indiblogger account yet. You will have to register first, to cast your vote
    Click here and register yourself and you get the following following benefits!

    • You can get your blog ranked and win awards
    • You can find great blogs by Indians
    • You get to attend or organize IndiBlogger meets which serve free beer by Australian models
    • You can get your blog reviewed and discuss blogging
    • You can network with fellow Indibloggers which are the largest network of Indian bloggers
    • You can also monitor the statistics for your blog by the single dashboard from the Indiblogger

    Now just to emphasize my point here is a limerick for asking votes-

    Indiblogger of the Month what a contest they hold,
    One nomination for me & this limerick I mould,
    Not a politician that I can offer beer, blankets or the crispy notes,
    All I can do is request you to, cast in favor of me your precious votes.

    So people cast your vote for Indiblogger of the Month- Original Poetry for me.