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Being a blogger is tough. I can, as my habit goes give, five reasons why blogging is tough. But right now would not be the appropriate time to go into those details, but producing text after text which makes sense and is relevant is not an easy job, after all there is finite number of word combinations in English language. A major hurdle in any blogger‘s life is, what we writer types refer as ‘Writer’s Block’ (I would be soon be starting a petition to rename it to ‘Blogger’s Block’ as it happens to more bloggers than writers). As everyone in case of a hurdle, me too looked towards the people I admire. In the world of Humor blogging they are Sidin, Jammy, & Aditya are the people I look upto. I closely studied what they actually did when they suffered through the writer’s block. Now the pattern I observed whenever they suffer from this kind of syndrome, the most common remedy is a Wife post. A wife post which is entertaining picked out of mundane household disasters and simply kicks the ass out of the writer’s block.

So for upholding the pious tradition of inflicting torture through incessant ranting on the readers through Ginger & Cardamom posts, I felt that this blog needed a second regular character to feature their antics. So finally yours truly has decided that living up to the marks setup by the great bloggers mentioned above, my little blog would also have a Wifeee (notice the ‘Feee’) posts to flaunt out loud.

Yes peeps given all my resistance which you are already aware of from here and here, I have finally succumbed to the deadly trap by the sinister agents of the Auntyland. Yes this single bachelor is off the single & available market, the bidder for this top position in this blog my life is a beautiful lady Divya, who was sent on a special mission on earth a score and few years back. Being one of the most well equipped, she got me in one shot with her affable smile and demure aura.

So all who are giggling can stop doing it now, and wait till the Next Wifeee update, till then I leave you with my announcement jingle-

Wedding Bells and Sweet Little Cupcakes,
Luck & Destiny their Own Course they take,
All New love blossoms in the air,
When the devil in me wanted the angel in her for his fair share.