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10 Day You Challenge- Day 2: 9 Loves

So day 2 of the 10 day you challenge is to post about 9 loves. Actually when I decided to do this challenge I thought it would be quite simple but as it seems now it wasn’t. I mean there are so many things one loves, and choosing 9 of them is indeed difficult.

1- My Parents, needless to say I am what I am because of them. And how much I love them cannot be described in words.

2- The Wifee since the time we got married ours have been a “give and take” relationship. She generally gives her piece of mind and I seem to be taking it most of the time. Now that I am taking all the pieces of mind (wondering what would happen when she wouldn’t be left with any) and storing them safely in my mind despite all the storage constraints in mine is only because I love her so much.

3- My Friends, now I couldn’t have survived without them. I am lucky to have a very close bunch of friends who I can depend on with my life. I am so thankful to lord, that my paths crossed the way they did and I could collect these pearls of friendship during the journey of my life.

4- My Car – There as in entire post dedicated to my first car. You can read about it here

5- My house– Again there is a post about it if you want to read it in detail here

6- My gadgets, I am a gadget lover I have an Ipod Touch, WII, PSP (recently gifted by Radio Indigo), Home Theatre, Canon Rebel T1i, and the list continues. All of the gadgets are something which I totally love and I can spend hours fiddling with them.

7- Coffee, now my love for coffee has been previous talked about on this blog and some other forums. I actually have a make shift coffee bar at home with an espresso machine, single origin coffees, flavors to enhance coffee and a collection of mugs.

8- My books, the readers of this blog would already know the amount of reading I do and I can assure you that I do not subscribe to a library or a rental service. So for the most part the books I read are purchased and I have a mini library at home. And as with all book lovers I am very possessive about my books.

9- My writing and this blog. All the stuff which I have written in this blog or in my books or outside it, I wrote them because I actually loved writing it. The writing is my way to express and unwind myself. I wouldn’t have been the person I am had it not been for my writing.

So these were the 9 people/things I love. Now on a different note, the narcissist I am it is very difficult not to love myself. So I love myself, for one simple reason I am effin’ awesome. Now those of you planning to debate that please look at the image below, by a “trusted website” who does a facial recognition and matches you to celebrities. I am 53% like George Clooney. So you know I AM AWESOME (readers are requested to conveniently ignore the fact that there is a 55% match with Omar Sharif). So I just need to lose these extra 20 kilos around my waist to become the female magnet what George Clooney is, right people?

The Coffee In The House

So all of you folks know about my obsession for various gadgets etc and my joy of buying them. I shared with you when I bought my car and I shared with you when I bought this. So it was time for me to buy another gadget which I had my eyes on for a long time. So last week I jumped over the opportunity to get the desired coffee maker for myself and bought this model from Morphy Richards.

For the feedback, the coffee maker works well and makes a good espresso and cappuccino. I also got a Costa Rica Beans for brewing for my espresso. Here are some pics of my first few coffees from the new coffee maker and the coffee brewed on my own coffee maker.

Firstly this is the machine that I bought, though had some other models from Inalsa, & Lavazza but Inalsa was too crude (as a matter of fact there was another stripped down version of Morphy Richards where you could not control the strength of the brew which also was too crude thought a bit cheaper) and Lavazza was very expensive priced around Rs. 9,000.  So this is the model which yours truly & the wifee decided to pick up.

Once all the equipment was setup and cleaned, I added the coffee to the filter and water in the machine. Saying my prayers I finally switched it on, after a minute and a half, the espresso started pouring in the kettle.

Finally after full 3 minuted we had a kettle full of Espresso ready and though I wanted to immediately pour it down my throat, wifee gave me the “Do Not Touch It” look and took some warmed milk for the cappuccino.

Now we poured the milk and the espresso in the mugs, leaving space for the froth to be formed. Then we steamed the mixture in the mugs to generate the froth over the coffee. Generating froth is a bit tricky, specially in a small mug the coffee tends to spill around, inviting you are so dead look from the wifee. This is how the nozzle looked after we had steamed for making the froth.

and after all the steaming and a bit of mess which wifee cleaned up, this is what I can proudly present as the coffee made by me 🙂

The Mugger – Day 6

As mentioned in my last place I am an ardent lover of coffee. To add to that I have a hobby of collecting authentic cafe mugs. I generally try and obtain a mug from the cafes I visit regularly and they have nice mugs. I have resorted to beg & borrow techniques to have an elaborate collection over 12 mugs. Here is a sneak into a part of my collection which I have carried with me till here.

Prats Mugs Collection

Prats Mugs Collection

The Old Barista Cafe Mug

The Old Barista Cafe Mug

The Costa Cofee & The Mocha Mugs

The Costa Cofee & The Mocha Mugs

The Matteo & CCD Collectors Mug

The Matteo & CCD Collectors Mug

So here by I declare myself the mugger 🙂

Coffee – Day 5

I am a huge coffee lover, and I believe that coffee is one of the important aspect of my life. Though I won’t say I am addicted but then a cup of good coffee actually makes my day. Circumstantially coffee has been very closely associated with my life but then my understanding of what all goes into making of my cup of coffee came only when I did a consulting assignment with one of the biggest coffee retailers of the world.

There has been so much already said about coffee, but I love a dialogue from the movie Shaurya which is said about the single malt scotch. However I feel the dialogue is so appropriate for coffee too. “Is Duniya main do hi anubhav sache hai, ek Single Malt aur ek Shaurya”.

I love my coffee pure, not conditioned with the milk or sugar for that matter. My coffee needs to be just rightly brewed and served hot.

So here I say “Is duniya main do hi anubhav sache hai ek shaurya aur doosra single brew black coffee”

How do you like your cup of coffee?

Here I leave you with some of the coffee quotes I have loved-

“Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.” – Turkish proverbs
“I like my coffee hot and strong, like I like my women; hot and strong” – Eddie Izzard
“Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat.” -Alex Levine
“Life is just one cup of coffee after another, and don’t look for anything else.” – said to be Bertrand Russell’s last words
“Blacker than a moonless night. Hotter and more bitter than Hell itself… That is coffee.” – Godot, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Sleeping Duty

I was reading the post by Smita on her escapades which she attained by sleeping her way to glory.
So after reading I actually reminded of one of the incidents which happened to me when I was as she puts it “Catching the Precious Winks in Office”

Generally I am not the kind of person who would sleep during the day, but then some days are just not normal. This incident happened on one of those kind of days and till date it has been one of the most embarrassing moments in my life.

To give a little background we had a closed knitted team in the office, all of us bachelors and around the same age group with a difference of 1 or 2 years. Since I had recently moved to Hyderabad for the project I did not had any other friends in office so I generally used to hang out with the team folks joking around having fun. On the project side I was leading the team and I had made good rapport with the people reporting to me. My boss was based out of Bangalore so I was the one who was solely responsible for the day to day activities of the team.

So one of those days I had an awesome weekends when we did all the masti and fun watching night shows, having midnight buffets, driving on necklace road and sitting across Hussain Sagar lake only to return back home at 4:30 in the morning. On Monday we had a Vedio Conferencing scheduled at 8:00 in the morning with the client. So essentially the sleep deprived me somehow surviving on my coffee went through the meeting.

Finally I sat down at my desk and started working on something, and I don’t know when I slipped off into the oblivion of deep sleep with my face on my palm cup and my elbow resting on the table. I don’t even know how long it was before I heard something. It took me 5 seconds to realize where I was and what was happening.
Coming back to senses I see the most dreaded scene, my whole team was standing around my cubicle giggling and laughing. That was so embarrassing, I was supposed to be the one to set examples and I was the one who was to act like boss and here I was acting like a sleeping beauty in front of almost everyone who reports to me. I just felt like “Yeh Dharti fat jaye aur main isme sama jaaon” and not to mention that this was the first assignment where I got to be the boss.
I finally gave them flimsy explanation which on retrospect was all the more idiotic because I did not owe an explanation to them 🙁 and then proceeded towards the loo. One look at the mirror my face had imprints of my own fingers which looked like I have been slapped tightly by some girl trying to score with her, the clothes had been crumpled and disoriented like I had chosen Recession hit Investment banker as my adult Halloween costume theme.

Can you believe it I am writing this blog post again at 1:30 in the night when I have a conference call in office tomorrow at 8 in the morning. Damn I don’t get it, Do I?

Short Pants

Late evening when I went in the coffee shop,
Spotted her sitting there; where I daily hogged,
I stopped whistling and singing my song,
Glued my eyes to her pants which were not so long.

I sat on her backside, not literally you pervert
I could hear her conversations in spurts,
With bits I got, she sounded hysterical,
Seemed like she was fighting a problem too diabolical.

She uttered the following words with tears in her eyes,
“Do you know where the solution for my problem lies,
No matter what, I can’t help my ever increasing weight”,
She said while gobbling the chocolate pastry from her plate.

The guy for a second looked at the plate listening to her rants,
And then focused on her legs coming out of the very short pants,
He knew the age old question actually was a huge trap,
One mistake and he is going to end up in crap.

“Darling, my love, you do not have to worry about the weight,
Lovely you look, lets head to the bedroom, it’s getting late,
I will give you special exercises all till your hearts content,
Just wait till I get inside your shorty short pants.”

The lass smiled, I don’t know; for the compliment or the anticipation,
Displaying her gorgeous legs for everyone’s admiration,
She went out; and I resumed my whistling and song,
With my eyes glued to her pants which were not so long.

This is my attempt to write humorous poetry. The context was me and my cousin was sitting in a coffee shop and discussing blogging and the conversation was directed on the topics of blogging, and I was of the view they can be picked from anywhere. So eventually both of us decided to pick on a girl sitting there in strikingly short shorts and write a post on it. This piece is entirely a piece of fiction and figment of my imagination and has no bearing to any kind of reality.

Hogging Spree

Out of all the Hyderabad which was tucked cosily in their beds and engulfed in deep sleep. Five brave musketeers went on for an attempt to enhance the food grain crisis in the world and support “The Global Bully’s” (read president Bush) claim that “Indians are eating more food”. Sob Sob!!! for all the poor Americans who were deprived of food because of 5 desi’s. Don’t worry folks we will return the favor, you know the guy who would fix your software yes yes the same low wage Indian guy, Will fix your softwares as cheap labors. Anyways getting US out of A this was how we proceeded for the glorious evening-

2030 hrs: Met Di & Ru
2040 hrs: Cafe Brio- Ordered Iced Mochachino & Cottage Cheese Croissant
2100 hrs: Cafe Brio folks threw all three out as they were about to close.
2110 hrs: Update call J-Knee, Bossty on the way
2130 hrs: J-Knee, Bossty, Ru-Di & Me out of McD deciding where to eat
2140 hrs: J-Knee gets McVeggie & Iced Tea for Ru-Di
2150 hrs: Operation Water started Di & J-Knee finish the Iced Tea
2200 hrs: J-Knee and yours truly add water to Ice Tea and pass it to Ru.
2215 hrs: Place still not decided and J-Knee & Ru buy more Ice Tea.
2230 hrs: Place decided Taj banjara.
2245 hrs: Reach Eat street to kill time for midnight buffet to start
2310 hrs: The guard starts the third degree whistling torture to throw the musketeers out
2320 hrs: The musketeers give up ride back to Taj Banjara
2335 hrs: Midnight Buffet menu pathetic everyone back to square one.
2336 hrs: Phone calls to Novotell, Hotel green park, consideration goes on.
2350 hrs: Ohri’s suggested
2351 hrs: Di gives us a warning that she would talk about how Integral equations for complex number have a direct application in French Manicures & Padicures if Ohris was considered.
2355 hrs: Urs truly to save the disgrace on the likes of Integral Calculus pushes for Novotel
0000 hrs: Eureka happens Ru Calls Taj Deccan & Krishna
0010 hrs: the group settles for Taj deccan & ransacks Taj Deccan
0030 hrs: Buffet Starts
0035 hrs: Initial Prospecting Finish. Starters Start
0050 hrs: Starters phase 1 finsih
0100 hrs: Soup & Starters Phase 2 continues
0105 hrs: J-knee insists on the Taj guys to burn some bread for the soup.
0110 hrs: Urs Truly & J-Knee continued while Bossty &Ru-Di took a break
0115 hrs: Cute gang of Girls entered the hotel
0120 hrs: J-Knee went to check out them chicks on a pretext of walks
0125 hrs: Bossty follows and then Ru-Di ( I am not sure why)
0130 hrs: The girls happen to come to the Restaurant from their room to check out urs truly ( I know it happens with me quite often)
0130 hrs: Starters round 3 & Cut Fruits continued (all the while expert opinions from Bossty & Ru continued on how to eat more without filling the stomach, They have some weird logic abt the permutations and combinations of eating. Like eating watermelon would enhance the digestion cycle and would lead to more space in the stomach. I always thought it added to the roughage)
0150 hrs: Main Course Round starts
0155 hrs: Parallel Desrt processing start
0215 hrs: Desserts round 1 starts
0220 hrs: Dessert round 2 starts, manager ordered to refill the desert section of the buffet now looking like a ransacked battleground.
0220 hrs: urs truly emphasized on the caramel custard and Ru goes after the strawberry mousse ( which was strawberry mousse I am not sure, becaus ewaiter brought something out of the world when asked for the strawberry mouse)
0230 hrs: Manager comes back telling that we have gobbled everything that could be classified as caramel custard and offered some chocolate pastries instead.
0232 hrs: Pastries finished
0233 hrs: Everyone picked up fruits kept for display & decoration and started eating them.
0235 hrs: The terrified staff closed of the buffet and they have submitted a plea of mercy to the CEO of Taj group to stop the Buffets in all Taj Restaurants across the globe.

and the five musketeers struggled to lift their heavy bodies outside the hotel and our Hogging Spree came to an end.

Ps. Ru-Di have been hogging before I met them at Mochas savoring Dutch truffle Shakes & Club Wraps.

I knw Mr. president you are absolutely right!!!!

Questions of a Senile Mind

It is a usual evening, where I am sitting on my corner seat, ignored as usual. People think I am a bit odd, may be a bit mad also, but why? Because I come everyday and sit on this corner seat, or may be I walk down such a long distance to reach here. They think that I can not understand the tinge of mockery in their eyes for me. I can, but what I fail to understand is, the reason of the mockery. Is it because I don’t have anyone to give me company or because I am a bit too odd to fit in the type of crowd there? They hide their faces behind their hands and laugh at me trying not to make it obvious that I am on the receiving sides of their humor. Yes that’s true that I can not see their giggling faces, but the glitter in the eyes tell me a lot of things, what it doesn’t tell me is that laugh because I don’t live their kind of life or because I am already had my share of fun and they feel that I am begging for more.

All this fun, mockery, humor and biggest of all, insult still I am here every evening to go through the same set of routine. Yes I can feel it, all of it, but what I can not feel is how I manage to tolerate everything and still be at the same place everyday. Has the sense of indulgence grown bigger than the self esteem I carry? If no, then why I allow myself to be treated in this fashion? All these question haunt me day and night, and even at the time when I set my foot out to take my daily trip. Everyday I go through the same torture and everyday I decide to for go my ego.

I have stopped believing in reason and logic long time ago, but still whatever little I am left with I feel that the sense of loneliness has overpowered me to an extent that I go through a daily dosage of humor, mockery and insult just to have some people around me. So what if they hate me, so what if they despise me, they are the only few who have some time to give a thought about me. Life has an uncanny ability to force me to learn lessons which I never wished to. Never in my thoughts I thought that I would search companionship in loathe, disgust and insult. Never believed what gratification people around me were, never thought that the feeling of being alone can be so haunting and scary. I never thought that I would let go my ego for a mere streak of recognition from some strangers. Sometimes this stupid mind thinks that I have traveled ages to be what I am, but I forgot to carry the map which told me who am I!!!!!! May be its too late or may be NOT!!!!!