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Corporate Oxymorons

If you remember this old post of mine, where I came up with a list of Oxymoron applicable in the world of business schools, you would know that the time is ripe for version two applicable in corporate.
So here I present 10 oxymoron used in the corporate world-

1- Internet Access
2- Relaxed Working Environment
3- Understanding Boss
4- Executive Director
5- Customer Care
6- Work Life
7- Long Weekend
8- Exciting Monday
9- Friendly Policies
10- Cooperative Administration

Any more additions are welcome in the comments section

5 Reasons I Don't Celebrate New Years

Well for one lets make this one thing clear, new years party is something which I don’t get very excited about. I hardly go to new years party, actually I prefer to sit quietly inside my room may be reading a book or watching a movie, wrapped in a quilt. It’s not that I have never tried to be the “Hot and Happening” at new years. Actually I have made desperate attempts to enjoy New Year and failed miserably every time, to give up finally. Seems like I simply don’t get the Frikkin spirit of the new year, I am not just not meant to enjoy it. So here yours truly presents the 5 reasons that he hates the new year bashes.
1-No Alcohol Free Parties– Now every time I go out and inquire about a party I wouldn’t mind going to at the new years, there are two common factors in the response to the inquiry. The common factor being, Obnoxiously High Prices, and Unlimited Liquor on the House. Now when you combine the two for a teetotaler like me the party becomes totally useless. I mean actually you think I would pay Rs 5000 per head for some DJ Tamacha playing? And you think I am okay to pay this money because you are offering free liquor to anyone coming? Not Happening.

2-Too Many Jerks on the road drinking and driving– Almost every second person driving on the road is high/drunk/consumed alcohol. The roads are exceptionally unsafe and driving patterns are erratic, given that I am completely sober so stunts like wavering cars on the road seem like dangerous and idiotic.

3-Too Much Checking by Police– Because of the drink and drive cases galore, the police is extremely strict and you are stopped at almost every couple of kms to get checked for alcohol. Now that might be for good, but still reaching anywhere becomes a pain.

4-Jam Packed Places– Almost anywhere you go, restaurants, bars, lounges, everything is jam packed. People and more people everywhere, you have to wait for a seating for hours which you might not get at all. Even if the lords of Murphy don’t strike and you finally got a place, rest assured you would be getting extremely slow service. The dishes might even reach you half cooked or messed. The places which you can vouch for till a day before suddenly turn ugly.

5-The Jinx– You know the old adage goes, the thing you are doing on the new year’s day you keep doing it in huge amounts the entire year. So to ensure I sleep and then sleep some more. Hog on desserts and avoid anything to do remotely with bathing. That’s my ritual for celebrating the New Years.

So these are my reasons, nevertheless keeping the spirit of the new years, I wish all the readers of Ginger & Cardamom who would be celebrating “A Very Happy, Jam Packed With People, Congested With Traffic New Year”. Adieu 2009!!!

The Time When I Quit

Recently I quit my first job, it was an emotional and significant moment of my life and career. I wrote a parting shot part which would leave the people smiling as you know I hate sad good byes. So here is what I wrote-

I always use to get last day at office emails from people I didn’t knew(actually sometimes people I knew too) I always wondered that is it customary or they do it plain to make likes of me jealous. I had thought that I will simply get out of here, if I ever did, with silence and dignity. Now that you are already reading this we can all agree this ain’t gonna happen. So my best parting shot from here would be create a mail that would at least make you smile for a while and trust me on this I will put all my effort and won’t let any kind of truth stand in between the satire and humor of the mail.

Now that I have set the context of the letter, I came here after doing a soft engineering course and a professional business management course after which I landed for my first job, it was nothing like I could have ever dreamt of. It was surprisingly different, different than any of my colleges, or companies where I did internships and projects, it was like being back to school, and as the old adage goes school days are the best days of life things were similar yet a bit different here. I was always happy and scared of the school over time, when the last bell rang and the gates were thrown open you could see a crowd running towards the gate and at that time it was next to impossible to stop those enthusiastic kids, I have always had a same feeling here, when you stand amidst the path towards the exit gate around 6o clock bus time. I had a feeling that if I walked in an opposite direction people might push my giant frame to the ground and walk over. And somehow the look on the people’s face was satisfying, I actually made it a point to stand on the side lines of the food court and watch people leave. The times have come to an end, the kid has decided to be a drop out from this school.

Generally people are thankful and express gratitude in their last emails, I am not sure but my first and foremost gratitude should be conveyed to the person who conceived the idea to have a Café Coffee Day inside the campus, because of whom I have been branded as a person who has more caffeine than blood in his body by my own team. Not to forget the security guards who always ensured that I walked on the pavements instead of roads, lest I get run over by lorry’s and speeding traffic in an automotive free campus. I would like to thank the cleaning folks who actually thought it would be a great idea to clean the windows of my ECC room at 2 in the night hanging by the 5th floor, I was definitely entertained to see a person hanging outside my 5th floor window waving something weird at me in the half sleep.

Now that you have realized there is nothing worthwhile in this mail to actually read further and identified it was a complete waste of time. Actually you are cursing me for writing this one and then even sending this across to you, you may go back to work. Before you delete this mail, please enter these 2 mins spent reading this mail in the timesheet under code TWRLDM- Time Wasted Reading Trashy Last Day Mail, after all we are all serious about reporting our work hours people, aren’t we?

On a serious note, Adieu to all of you. I have made friends here which I would cherish my entire life, I have learned a lot through the people whom I have worked with. The HR folks made me give up everything I had related to this company from the computers, to phone, to the I-cards but one thing they won’t be able to take away is my friendship with people here and memories of good times I have had here. I express my sincere thanks to everyone who made my journey here worthwhile. This would be my last day here and henceforth I would be reachable at Email@id or can be followed through my website http://prats.co.in

Good Byes for now and as Daniel Ocean said, “See ya when I see ya”.


Results Quiz #3: How Well Do You Know Sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S

So friends its time for the Results of Quiz #3: How Well Do You Know Sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Now as I have already said that I really wanted to do this quiz and was thrilled by the Idea. Secondly I didn’t wanted an easy quiz you know someone would crack who doesn’t follows Friends religiously. We would all agree we would find loads of casual quizzes on Facebook, Orkut and web. So I wanted to make a real tough one for the people who religiously follow friends. So result I made a quiz which tried to capture some aspect of one of my all time favorite TV sitcoms.

Here are the Answers to the Quiz-

1- The first question she asks Chandler is “What the hell is this dog doing here?” referring to the porcelain dog gifted to Chandler by Joey, which was originally gifted by Ross to Joey when Joey had to give up all his stuff after the Credit Card bills came out large. The Dog stays with Monica and Chandler till the end of the series and when Monica and Chandler are shifting to their new house the movers & packers are shown to carry the Dog and Monica tips them if they can let it fall of the truck.

2- Rachel & Chandler was the answer I was expecting but after the answer and justification from Perx I am convinced even Ross has kiss everyone. So the correct answer for this would be Ross, Rachel & Chandler (any of the two and I have accepted it as the correct answer) I would be updating this one with the explanation later.
Update: Directly from Perx’s Response
a. Chandler –
ROSS (in the one where chandler can’t remember which sister, its off screen
and just implied) RACHEL (at a party at chan’s college) MONICA (relationship)
PHOEBE (where she tries to get the truth out of him) JOEY (where he is alone
on new years and shouts “somebody kiss me!”)

b. Rachel –
MONICA (to win apartment)
JOEY AND ROSS (relationship)
PHOEBE (where phoebe wanted to see what the fuss was all about) CHANDLER (at
his college party where she comes to visit)

c. Ross –
RACHEL (relationship)
JOEY (for joey’s audition practice)
MONICA (mistook her for rachel in college party where he thought she was on a
pile of coats on his bed while monica herself was the pile) PHOEBE (when his
marriage with carol breaks off) CHANDLER (in the one where chan can’t remember
which sister of joey’s he made out with)

3- The book is titled “Be Your Own Windkeeper”. Interestingly in real world there is no book by this name but only an Essay.

4- Pheobe and Duncan, Duncan Sullivan was the room mate of Pheobe, who told her that he was a gay. Pheobes married him to help obtaining the Green Card. They were not actually married but legally married and eventually they have a divorce where Monica is offended that she did not share this with her.

5- Mike Hannigan- Just before Pheobe and him got together again he was dating a girl called Precious, played by Anne Dudek. Mike and her break up on her birthday.

6- Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) is the Godmother for Monica (Courteney Cox Arquette) and David Arquette’s daughter, Coco.

7- The First ThanksGiving Chandler makes a speech that he is happy that all of their ThanksGiving Sucked and they could all be together and he was happy about it. That’s when Ross wishes by raising a toast “To a lousy Christmas” and Rachel follows “and a crappy New Year”. This was shown multiple times in episodes when they reminiscence about their lives.

8- First Picture (Caption First )- Bruce Lee = Bruce
Second Picture (Caption Second) – Wills = Wills
Combining the two Sounds Bruce Wills (which is close to Bruce Willis)
The connect being Bruce Willis made a guest appearance in Charlies Angels, Full Throttle same as he did in Friends as Elizabeth’s Father who dates Rachel for a while.

I got 12 entries answering this quiz and none of them were all correct answers. However the following entries had most correct answers (Not in any specific order)-

1- Perx
2- Deepti Dhyani
3- Ramya
4- Rahul

If you want me to link the names to your blog or twitter please send a mail to prats@prats.co.in I will link the same.

Sea Swept By Nora Roberts: A Book Review

Sea Swept By Nora Roberts

Sea Swept By Nora Roberts

Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: PIATKUS
Price: 257/-

This book was recommended to me by Poonam, when we met in the offline world. She wanted me to read it, and observe how a guy reacts to a book which she categorizes as a chick-lit. Well I did read the book and here is my two cents on the book.

Sea Swept is a part of series which is based in Chesapeake Bay, around 3 brothers Cam, Ethan and Philip, who had a troubled childhood and were adopted by Ray & Stella Quinn and provided a better life. The plot of the book is featured around the death of Ray Quinn in an accident, when he had just adopted another troubled boy Seth.
This part of the series focuses on Cameron or Cam Quinn and his romance with the gradual inclusion of Seth in the Quinn family. Though whole series is focused around all three brothers and the mystery of Ray Quinn’s death, this particular book concludes at the successful romance between Cam & Anna who was the social case worker on Seth’s adoption case.
The flow of the book, is very well done and the author has maintained a consistent sequence of events to engage the reader throughout the books. The descriptions are just right giving the details for an elaborate picture but not overdoing to be a drag or boring. The romance between the two, though main theme of the book is at the back seat for the first half and the plot of the series takes a greater mind space of the reader. However towards the end she has done justice to both the aspects trying to maintain the balance between the two tracks.
The writing style is simple and easy with fair amount of stress on the emotions of the child and the romance. The best part of the book is the engaging writing style of Nora Roberts which doesn’t lets the reader get disengaged from the book. The pace and flow of the story just keep going, she has beautifully used multiple tracks in the story and left some loose ends for the sequel while answering all of the questions relating to Cameron Quinn which is one of the tracks in the story.
Summary: A fiction book with interesting storyline, not much take away but a general time pass read. Can be picked up while travelling or when you want to have a light and quick read. A sweet well paced romantic family story, more of a soap opera kinds, if you like them might as well pick this one.
Rating: For this one 2.75/ 5

As Funny As It Gets

So as you would have read here already, that one fine day Alexander the great felt like conquering the world and he set on a long journey of conquest. When the ambitious desires haunted yours truly he took on a bigger conquest and got engaged. Now you don’t believe me that my conquest is bigger. Who are we kidding people Alexander’s ended in 13 years,  that’s lesser than ruling time of communists in West Bengal.

So getting back to my own conquest, I was bragging about my own self having a meaningful discussion with WhyFee and we happen to touch the area of sense of humor. Needless to say, I started harping my own trumpet (Ironically, you can be harping a harp but can you trump a trumpet) and you wonderful people know how I have a distinguished sense of humor.

Impressing a lady with sense of Humor, I immediately quoted the effective episode from the sitcom Friends where Chandler tells Monika all the Tulsa & Oklahoma jokes. Especially the one where they combine two words to make a new word (For more information you will need to watch the Friends episode “The One With Male Nanny”)

So Chandler tells combining the word jokes –

“Fried Chicken would be Frikkin’” and “Male Nanny would be Many”

So after quoting them I started my own ones-

Sada Masala Dosa = Samosa

Sick Duck = Suck

Pretty Chick = Prick

So you get the idea the kind of awesome jokes I was telling, when the WhyFee came back with the “Why The Hell I am Marrying this Weirdo Guy”® look on her face, “You really didn’t think that was funny eh right?”

“Oh it is darling, indeed it is you have to imagine. Think of it me and you standing in a room with proper lights and focus on our face and 50 people laughing in the background….” I said trying to salvage my prestige or whatever was left of it. When she came back with this

“You need 50 people with fake laughs in the background to be funny. Yes that’s exactly funny…”

Sheesh!!!! People please tell me the jokes were funny? Weren’t they?

Ps. On a totally unrelated note, Economic Times said that the US is out of recession marking a growth of 3.5% My authorized secret sources tell me the primary reason behind this is all the people in government have stopped doing anything and thus stopped messing interfering with economy, getting inspired from Barrack Obama, hoping that they just might be next contender for “Nobel Peace Prize for Doing Nothing” (My authorized sources have also confirmed that the Nobel Prize Committee has agreed to amend the name of the coveted prize). I sincerely hope the Indian government follows suit.

Happy Diwali

Last year I wrote a post on Diwali which is one of my favorites, you can read it here. But somehow this year I could not come up with something as meaningful as last year so this time its an odd limerick coming your way for Diwali wishes instead.

I woke up this morning and the festivities were on my mind,
The sounds of celebrations, never hard to find,
Diwali wishes for everyone was the order of the day,
and I was unable to produce any rhyme to my own dismay.

Nothing to write, and no new idea anywhere in near vision,
All I am going to do is a past & present’s comparison.
Diwali from the memories and the look into the past,
Diwali today and wondering how long will the traditions last

Times have past and all the world is so different,
Festivities of Diwali stood the test of time, retained it’s scent,
The legend of yesteryears, and the festivity today,
The reasons have changed but the spirit does stay.

The prince on exile coming back to his people and Kingdom,
Now is the return of the lights, fireworks and Bombs,
The era of washing, painting and getting away with stuff too old,
Only to be survived by the glitters, dry fruits, and Gold.

A Time for being together, pray eat and set the crackers on fire,
This time its the recession in the backyards and prices just going higher,
Diwali Wishes everywhere for friends, family and everyone dear & sweets,
Hiked SMS tariffs this Diwali, I guess it’s gonna be only 140 Character Tweets.

Recession, Price Hikes and a million other problems bray,
The festivities of Diwali together the country Prays,
The reasons have changed but the spirit still stays,
The Zing to shout “Happy Diwali” never does faze.

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali

Wishing a very happy and prosperous Diwali to all my readers.

2 States – A Review

Autor: Chetan Bhagat
Publisher: Rupa & Co.
Price: 95/-

2 States - Chetan bhagat

2 States - Chetan bhagat

Finally Chetan Bhagat’s long awaited novel Two States hit the stores yesterday. I believe Chetan Bhagat is one of the people who has brought reading as a hobby in India for our generation a new life, by writing about the people from the common Indian middle class in situations which anyone could have relate to. And yet he has produced a story which weaves a thread around common character in situations.
This time in his new book he touches a cause of the regional and inter-community biases too and does it very subtly in the background, making a very juicy story all across it. The interesting pick about all his previous novels had been they had an unusual story line 3 IITian’s stealing a question paper and call center employees’ having tryst with god and a entrepreneur trying to commit suicide. But this book is entirely different, the last thing it has is a fresh plot. It’s an age old plot about a Delhi guy falling in love with Tamil girl and their struggle to be together. This story has been told again and again zillion times in cinema, short stories and novel too.
However, to be fair to the writer still the way the story has been told is fresh and the book keeps you entertained by the jibes at the clichés and community cliques about the Punjabis of Delhi and the Iyers of Chennai. The book has fair amount of lighter moments and it does keeps you engrossed in the story line. The shock values and the contrasting descriptions of cultural differences don’t take you by surprise but don’t leave you without a smile either.
The book however claims to be inspired by writer’s own experience on his path to marital bliss, but however he urges the book to be treated as fiction which is a contrast. Another peculiar thing about the book is it references five point someone at a lot of places in a way that the protagonist seems to be Hari from the old book while in this book he is named as Krish which was a bit weird.
Getting in the details of the book, it is written well, and is evenly paced not to leave you bored and not going so fast that you might lost in the plot and characters. The author has done a good job in outlining individuals in the story and ensuring the important characters get enough plot space and the sidelines disappear along with the course. However, I personally felt the character of the protagonist’s father could have had more details some had bumpy description and surprises. Also the spirituality angle which gives the protagonist the direction and future course doesn’t gets appropriate importance, specially given the fact it was a defining incident and could have been more elaborated and be used for bringing in more content.
However, the book is a full masala read with all family drama turned funny. With some really nice situational and induced humor however there were no catchphrases or one-liners which might stick to you even as a jibe. However his satire on the back page on how the love marriages happen in India, was solely appropriate and relevant. Overall this book is a decent read not as fresh as five point someone but stil I would find it a better read than the other of his two books. He has managed to keep the readers attention and interest, though the curiosity angle was not as strong primarily because of the family setup.
All in all you cannot call this book is a must read, but definitely this one is readable and has quite an amount of masala in it for the reader without any gyaan/depth or insights in it except for may be “How to woo your South Indian girlfriend’s family”.

Trying to gauge it on a scale of 5 I would say this would be a 2.5. I would conclude by saying this one is a Read in leisure only for pleasure.

Sleeping Duty

I was reading the post by Smita on her escapades which she attained by sleeping her way to glory.
So after reading I actually reminded of one of the incidents which happened to me when I was as she puts it “Catching the Precious Winks in Office”

Generally I am not the kind of person who would sleep during the day, but then some days are just not normal. This incident happened on one of those kind of days and till date it has been one of the most embarrassing moments in my life.

To give a little background we had a closed knitted team in the office, all of us bachelors and around the same age group with a difference of 1 or 2 years. Since I had recently moved to Hyderabad for the project I did not had any other friends in office so I generally used to hang out with the team folks joking around having fun. On the project side I was leading the team and I had made good rapport with the people reporting to me. My boss was based out of Bangalore so I was the one who was solely responsible for the day to day activities of the team.

So one of those days I had an awesome weekends when we did all the masti and fun watching night shows, having midnight buffets, driving on necklace road and sitting across Hussain Sagar lake only to return back home at 4:30 in the morning. On Monday we had a Vedio Conferencing scheduled at 8:00 in the morning with the client. So essentially the sleep deprived me somehow surviving on my coffee went through the meeting.

Finally I sat down at my desk and started working on something, and I don’t know when I slipped off into the oblivion of deep sleep with my face on my palm cup and my elbow resting on the table. I don’t even know how long it was before I heard something. It took me 5 seconds to realize where I was and what was happening.
Coming back to senses I see the most dreaded scene, my whole team was standing around my cubicle giggling and laughing. That was so embarrassing, I was supposed to be the one to set examples and I was the one who was to act like boss and here I was acting like a sleeping beauty in front of almost everyone who reports to me. I just felt like “Yeh Dharti fat jaye aur main isme sama jaaon” and not to mention that this was the first assignment where I got to be the boss.
I finally gave them flimsy explanation which on retrospect was all the more idiotic because I did not owe an explanation to them 🙁 and then proceeded towards the loo. One look at the mirror my face had imprints of my own fingers which looked like I have been slapped tightly by some girl trying to score with her, the clothes had been crumpled and disoriented like I had chosen Recession hit Investment banker as my adult Halloween costume theme.

Can you believe it I am writing this blog post again at 1:30 in the night when I have a conference call in office tomorrow at 8 in the morning. Damn I don’t get it, Do I?

Guilty As Charged

So here is this interesting tag which I had read and always felt too lazy to do.
When finally Monika tagged me in to reveal all moi guilty pleasures in front of you. So here is dear old Prats, (Okay not so Old but young, tall, handsome, single Not so single)  100% authentic.

  • Asked someone to marry you? Guilty (Bhagwan jaane yeh galti kyon ki kitna samjhaya saare dost logon ne but main toh main hoon nahi maana to nahi mana aur pooch dala 🙂 )
  • Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Innocent (Kabhi koshish nahi ki, yeh Idea dimaag main aaya hi nahi)
  • Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent (Lekin Nachte hue logon ko utara kaafi bar hai, Main bechara Teetotaler sare bewdon ko utha ke laata tha)
  • Ever told a lie? Guilty (Ab kya karein mausi kabhi kabhi bolna padta hai, abhi kya karein parliament wale sach ka samna hi nahi karne dete hai)
  • Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Innocent (Abhi feelings to aisa hai, jo zindagi ke darwaje se bahar so bahar. Uske liye no feelings)
  • Kissed a picture? Guilty (Pata nahi kitni baar, kam se kam tasveerein thappad to nahi marti)
  • Slept in until 5 PM? Guilty (Abhi raat bhar patte khelenge subah 10 baje tak to shaam ke 5 baje tak soyenge hi naa. Pata nahi kitni baar aisa hi kiya hai engg college main)
  • Fallen asleep at work/school? Innocent (Kabhi nahi hua, sach main)
  • Held a snake? Innocent (Kyon bhai main kya nagraj ke khandan se hoon jo saap ko pakadoonga?)
  • Been suspended from school? Guilty/ Innocent (Almost ho gaya tha finally kuch teachers ki recommendation ke baad warning de kar chod diya gaya)
  • Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent
  • Stolen from a store? Guilty (Canteen se churaiye hue samosa ka lutf hi kuch aur hota tha. )
  • Been fired from a job? Innocent ( abhi unhe pata nahi chala hai ki main ek number ka kaamchor hoon 🙂 )
  • Done something you regret? Guilty
  • Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty
  • Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent (kahan Kanpur, Jhansi, Pune, Bangalore Hyderabad, Chennai jyadatar jagahon par jahan main raha hoon 1 floor upar se pura ice cube chodoge jeebh tak pahunchte pahunchte paani ban jayega. Baat karte hai)
  • Kissed in the rain? Guilty (Bilkul, upar wale ne bijli chamka ke photo bhi nikala tha, abhi tak bheja nahi hai)
  • Sat on a roof top? Guilty (Chat par baithene main kya hai, Engg college main kitni raatein Saket Bhavan aur panchvati bhavan (Hostels) ki chat par guzri hai)
  • Kissed someone you shouldn’t? Innocent (Nahi ji iska regret kise hoga? There was a quote from Dr. Stella in How I Met Your Mother ‘Guys regret the girls they didn’t sleep with, girls regret the ones they did sleep with’ and I think its quite applicable for the kisses too)
  • Sang in the shower? Guilty. (Roz hi shastriya sangeet ka aalaap hota hai bathroom main)
  • Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent (Log 6’3″ ke insaan ko Pool main dhakka dene ka risk nahi lete aur diya bhi to pool ka sara paani bahar aa jata hai)
  • Shaved your head? Innocent (Nahi ji bahut pyaar hai apne bache kuche baalon se, jo har roz 10-15 kar ke jhad rahe hai :-()
  • Had a boxing membership? Innocent. (Nahi maar pitayi ke liye membership nahi lete… Bas kaan ke neeche do laga do)
  • Made a girlfriend cry? Guilty (Rona manana isi mein to fun hai nahi to kya boring zindagi)
  • Been in a band? Innocent (Nahi yeh shaadi byaah main gane bajane ka kaam nahi karte. Ek baar koshish ki thi bechare ki shaadi toot gayi uske baad se duniya par upkaar kar diya)
  • Shot a gun? Guilty (bilkul abhi Bundelkhand main engineering karne ke baad itna bhi nahi kiya to kya kiya)
  • Donated Blood? Innocent (Kabhi mauka hi nahi mila)
  • Eaten alligator meat? Innocent…(Magarmach kyon khana hai?? Khayega bhi to magarmach humko khayega na..Ulta hi question pocch lete hai)
  • Eaten cheesecake? Guilty! (Cheescake Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!)
  • Still love someone you shouldn’t? Innocent (abhi yeh saare lafde mere bas ke nahi)
  • Have/had a tattoo? Guilty (Goa main ek baar paint se banwaya tha… 4 din baad nikal gaya )
  • Liked someone, but will never tell who? Guilty (Mallika Sherawat, Vidya Balan, Gurpreet Kohli…Kisi ko nahi bataya)
  • Been too honest? Innocent (Abhi too honest kya hota hai, ya to insaan honest hota hai ya fir nahi hota hai.. ab jaise main to…)
  • Ruined a surprise? Guilty (Kai bar galti se mistake ho jaata hai na)
  • Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterwards? Guilty. (Barbeque Nation, Taj Banjara, Ohri’s, any other good buffet uske baad bas yahi haal hota hai)
  • Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty (Bhai apna to seedha sa usool hai ek baar rishta kahatam to uske baad wapas aane ki koi wajah ya zaroorat nahi, aap apne raste main apne raste ho gaya aakhiri dua salam jitna hona tha)
  • Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Guilty (Bachpan main mataji kuch bhi pehnati thi 🙂 )
  • Joined a pageant? Innocent (Kya yaar itna bhi sunder nahi hoon main 😉 )
  • Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Guilty (Ab apne mooh se tareef kya karein, baki to aap sab jante hi hai)
  • Had communication with your ex? Guilty (Abhi ho jaati hai kabhi kabhi galti insaan se maaf bhi karo bhai bache ki jaan loge kya?)
  • Got totally drunk on the night before exam? Innocent (Nahi but I have slept like a pig the entire day and the whole night aur fir agle din exam dene gaye the)
  • Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty (Generally thats the only time you might see a tear in my eye)

So yeh thi meri kahani doston. From here I tag