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Slim Fit

Before I write this post out, I want to clarify that I am a huge guy. When I say I mean literally huge with 6’3” in height and weight crossing over the century number. It is not that I am not aware of the ill effects of being obese, but over years I have realized one of the toughest things to be accomplished by a person is to lose weight and I have grown an immense respect for people who have managed to lose weight, something I have been trying hard since last few years.

But this post isn’t about being overweight; it is about one of the problems of having a huge body frame. The problem is buying clothes, for one the large sizes are extremely difficult to find. You go to a showroom, ask for a jeans with the waist size of 32 and there are at 50 different pieces will be floated around you to choose from. The moment you utter 40 they take 2-3 pairs and that’s all you get to choose from and the irony you would already have those pairs in your wardrobe.

If that was not all, I believe the sale season is one of the most discriminatory practices in the Indian free market. You hardly find any discounts on the clothes for extra large sized. I went to the Levi’s store which had a tempting buy two get two free sale on jeans. After half an hour long ordeal of trying through all the stock they had in stores for my size I managed to select four pairs (2 of which were almost similar to what I already had), when I went to the billing counter the sales girl tells me “Sir no discount on XXL size”.  There is nothing which infuriates you more when you have wasted your time in the claustrophobic trial room and then finally somebody tells you that you will be paying extra as compared to rest of the world.

As if all these tortures were not enough, the fashion designers the devious of the lot have been conspiring the so called “Healthy” people. Can you believe when you go and ask for a 44 size shirt and a 40 waist jeans and they show you a “Slim Fit”. In what parallel universe a guy with that kind of frame needs a slim fit? A 40 waist slim fit isn’t it an oxymoron? I sometimes wonder what these designers are thinking when they design clothes, you make a shirt of size 44 it means that the chest would be around 48-50 inches. Now by what law of probability will the waist/stomach will be 43, for god’s sake at least make clothes which probabilistically going to sell more.

I think enough of these moronic brands and their designers, it is time to find out the good old tailor who will carefully measure you and make clothes that fit all without being judgmental.

How I Got Robbed in Broad Daylight

You know how bad things always happen to somebody else but never to you. When you narrate or hear the tales that somebody got conned, mugged or robbed it is always a friend of a friend or somebody who knew somebody are people but in a surprising turn of events it happened to me.

I was coming back home from the office in Whitefield to my home in JP Nagar, I took my usual route on Outer Ring Road passing through Marathalli, Belandur, HSR, Silk board and BTM layout. Silk Board for the non Bangalore Silk Board is one of the busiest crossings in Bangalore it connects the two IT hubs of Whitefield & Electronic city with two entrances to the city south and central Bangalore. On a Normal day during peak hours one has to wait for at least 25 minutes to half an hour to cross the junction. The time was around 6’o clock, and mine was the third or fourth car from the signal. I checked the mails on my cell phone and kept it on the non-driving front seat (I don’t do it generally but somehow I did it). A road side peddler who sell fake Rayban sunglasses  cam next to my car and kept on showing the glasses next to my window despite my waving him off.

Then after a minute when the red light just changed to green there was a guy who came  next to the non driving seat window and starting banging the glass pretty hard. I opened my window slightly to check what’s wrong.  At that moment someone started banging the rear side of my car, as if some other vehicle a bike or a car has come and hit from behind. I got distracted for a couple of seconds when I looked into my rearview mirror and back to the guy on the window. By that time all of them were gone and so was my brand new cell phone which I had got this morning. I immediately parked the car to the right and went to the police & traffic police who were standing on the signal.

They didn’t do anything except advising me to go to the police station and lending me their phone to check my phone (which was switched off by now). I finally went to the police station lodged a complaint, 24 hrs there hasn’t been any major development. I am not very optimistic about getting the cell phone back neither was the officer who registered my complaint.

So it was me this time, not somebody I knew who faced the incident. On hindsight I am pretty sure, though I don’t have any conclusive proof, that the location and the fact my phone was on the non-driving seat was tipped by the guy selling fake Raybans. The entire incident was a result of solid team work by professionals.

The cell phone I lost was a brand new Google Nexus 4, which my friend had sent from US. I had only collected it on morning and just had it for 6 hours or so, and the phone is not available in India so I can buy another one.

The idea behind sharing the incident that happened with me is so that I can warn others how the gangs are targeting people. Few precautions I could have taken in hindsight-

1-      Never keep expensive stuff, phones, laptop bags, wallets  in the non driving seat

2-      Be more cautious when the hawkers come near your car check if something is kept on the seats or dashboard

3-      No matter do not open the windows or the doors of the car for a stranger

4-      Always drive with the doors locked

5-      Never leave Ladies Bag/Laptop Bag/expensive items in the car when you are going out. Store things in the boot or under the seat where it is not visible.

Down The Road

When I first heard these words, the immediate response in my mind was a Bryan Adam’s song “Heaven” which has a line  “Now nothin’ can take you away from me, We’ve been down that road before, But that’s over now,  You keep me comin’ back for more”. If you haven’t heard the song you can hear it here, it is one of my personal favorites.

I believe that everyone has been “Down the Road” before whose memories can’t be taken, which keeps you coming back for more, no matter how further you move on in life there is always good time to relax and go “Down the Road” across the memory lanes. Surprisingly these roads for the most of us exists in our childhood and youth, in our schools and colleges, in the canteen and lecture halls.

So this time to take you to a series of small trips of these Roads there are 16 Authors and 28 tales woven carefully in the schools and colleges, amidst friends and crushes, revolving around “The Road” you might have been before but then it’s over now and you keep coming back for more; my publishers have come up with another anthology of short stories titled “Down The Road”.  The book would be launched soon pan India and yes this one also has a story written by me.

Down The Road

Down The Road

So folks what do you think about going “Down The Road”?

A Long Time Ago

You know things friends do to you, they would themselves go on a break and before that they will tag you in a post so that you are back to blogging when they are enjoying their break. So Monix tagged me before going on her KitCat break. So here is the tag-
20 years ago I . . .
1. I drove a scooter for the first time in my life.
2. Joined PCVN (My school) and made some friends for life.
3. First and last time topped my class.

10 years ago I . . .
1. I left Kanpur to join engineering.
2. Stripped naked for the first time in public as a part of ragging.
3. Was in love with Diya Mirza, used to call her Diya Mirza Gupta and had a room wall covered with her posters and photographs.

5 years ago I . . .
1. Was selling Tata Indicom Mobile Phones in Chennai.
2. Learned how to watch a movie alone.
3. Started reading like a crazy maniac. Before this I used to read occasionaly one book a month kinds.

3 years ago I . . .
1. Completed my MBA and started my first job.
2. Registered the domain prats.co.in for this blog, before that it was ginger-n-cardamom.blogspot.com.
3. Got dumped by a girl. Twice. By the same girl 🙁

1 year ago I . . .
1. Bought my first house.
2. Got Married. 🙁
3. Was 8 Kgs lighter 🙁

So far this year I . . .
1. Have already done two holiday trips.
2. Have been rushed to the hospital for Nebulization.
3. finished reading 3 books already

Yesterday I . .
1. I wrote a short story.
2. Skipped the commute and worked from home.
3. watched The Social Network.

Today I . . .
1. Reached office in time.
2. Kept playing a playlist of 5 peppy numbers over and over again during my entire day in office
3. am watching Dhobi Ghat.

Tomorrow I will . . .
1. Enjoy the republic day parade on TV, have been missing it since so many years.
2. Enjoy the holiday with Wifee.
3. Will watch a movie or some episodes of Big Bang Theory (It is an awesome series if you haven’t seen it)

In the next (coming) year I will . . .
1. Be reducing some weight and get back to regular exercising.
2. Will complete my first solo book as an author.
3. Will try to develop my spiritual self further.

An Open Letter to Times of India

Dear Times of India,

You have been a part of my daily routine since times I don’t even remembered. Though I developed an appreciation for The Hindu, & The Economic Times, but still my loyalty towards you was unaffected. I have kept you a part of my life, a part of my house despite the falling standards of Journalism. I tolerated you despite when you advertised Fiat Punto & some really crappy movies on the entire page and the paper had more pages of advertisements than news content. I endured it all believing that one day you would rise up to the need of Journalism and news, one day the time of India would be what I expect it to be, and far lesser of nonsense.

But today has been heights, is it that the headlines are drafted on blackberry’s while taking a daily dump or have you gone to a level where you believe why would people read headlines when there are so many advertisements. Why would people bother about crimes committed by a high profile IPS officer when your add-ons have preposterous bikini shots of women and glamour and glitz of the page3 parties.

Yes I am talking about this headline “Law Finally Catches Up With Rathore”. It’s terrifying to read that you find the miniscule 18 months sentence as catching up. When the entire nation is worried about the morality of an ex DGP and the systematic crimes he committed on a girl and then went on to torture her entire family and you condoning the judgment communicating the justice have been delivered.

I can understand that these days there are more important issues which need to be reported and bring in notice of public. I mean obviously the exhilarating piece of information that Amitabh Bachan uses a public toilet was revealing. Had it not been for this particular piece of news the nation would have assumed that the Bachan household was still using the open air toilets by the side of railway tracks.

I mean you have so much of time and energy to keep track of when the bollywood answers the nature’s call but don’t have a capable staff which could at least capture the essence of news on the front page. I think it’s now time to move on, severing my ties with you. I think I have had enough WTF news of the day for now.

A worried reader

Hidden Agendas

This is my first attempt at a 55er, posting it anyway so that I can break the block I am facing in writing new posts. Need your feedback on the 55ers so that I can write better ones in future. So comments and feedback are desperately looked forward to.

And yes for the updates, yeah, I got married, joined a new job and moved to Bangalore. Will post more detailed updates all the areas later till then enjoy this 55er.

He entered the bus and saw her amidst the crowd; he went and stood right ahead of her, his elbows brushing her bosom.
He was enjoying the touch when he felt her hand inside his trouser pockets. He closed his eyes in ecstasy, opening them only to find her gone.
And so was his wallet.

An Amorous Antithesis

I got a forwarded mail regarding a competition which appeared in Washington Post, the competition asked for a two-line rhyme with the most romantic first line, but the least romantic second line.

I am not sure if this competition is genuine but it was a good challenge. So I thought it would be a great idea to try something like this.

This is the poem I came up with-

My darling when I saw you, I fell in love for the first time,
On retrospect that is till date my most horrendous crime.

The beautiful twinkle of your eyes and the tinge of light blue,
The bill of those contacts on my credit card are still due.

Your lovely walk, inviting a thousand glances and riveting stares,
Why do I see walking them going only towards shopping malls & fairs.

Your lovely voice my dear, speaks to my mind and music to my ears,
I am watching cricket, so just be quite and stay clear.

The immense love and special chemistry between us we share,
For heaven’s sake stop scaring me in the nightmares.

Darling you are so beautiful, sensuous, amazing and hot,
I just hope my lies never get caught.

Your face beautiful like moon, body with curves like crescent,
Why you want these sexy dresses, instead try wearing a tent.

We are meant to be together, your love is my life and luck,
Is this my destiny my lord!! What the F**K!!

Are you wondering that how I managed to make this poem rhyme,
Plain joblessness, my sinister self with a lie told in every second line.


An Amorous Antithesis

An Amorous Antithesis

Update: This post was selected as Blog Adda’s Spicy Saturday Picks

A Week of Life

Image Courtesy:Google Images

The rain was heavily beating on the windscreen, the weather was very pleasant this evening. The mist all over the windscreen made Prayas switch on the a/c, he shifted in his seat and smiled to himself of the beautiful weather. The RJ was all gaga over the rain and was playing beautiful rain songs; he pushed down the volume and took out his cellular phone. He steered his car dexterously through the traffic with one hand, the other hand dialing out Vikrant.
“Network Error”….Redial
“Network Error”….Redial
“Damn! Mobile networks when you need to make a call, the network gets jammed” he cursed the mobile networks keeping down the cell on the non driving seat.
Suddenly he saw Vikrant’s number flashing on his cell screen for the incoming call; he blessed the connection of hearts and his timing.
“Hey man! You have a long time to live, I was just dialing you a minute back” Prayas exclaimed
“Why you don’t intend to live long or what?” Vikrant replied while laughing, “So what’s the plan where are you?”
“I just came out of my house; want to go to some place nice. What is the plan with you?”
“Nothing man, I am at symphony theatre with Poorva, you remember her? My friend you met last time when we went partying”
“Yes, I do. Let me pick you guys up from there and let’s go out and plan something. Its Saturday night yaar.”
“Sure, then we will wait for you at the exit of Symphony, how much time you would take? I hope you don’t mind Poorva tagging along with us?” Vikrant asked.
“Dude, come on, more the merrier. I will be there in another 10 minutes. See you” Prayas hung up the phone.
He thought himself about Vikrant’s question. He was in total awe of Poorva from the first time he had set his eyes on her. He couldn’t forget the night when he had met her for the first time. They had gone partying, she seemed to be very attractive and a friendly person. She turned into a wild cat, as soon as they reached the party, pulling everyone on to the dance floor. Prayas being the silent spectator was the most difficult one to pull. She held his hand and said “come on! You can’t just sit here”. Prayas laughed he said “You don’t know I have two left feet, you will be embarrassed of my mere presence on the floor.”
“Oh, in that case I will give you an offer you can’t refuse. Come on the dance floor. I will dance with you and won’t even leave you for a minute on the floor alone” Poorva said almost pulling him up. He so wanted to pull her back and embrace her, when he controlled his thoughts and got up. The dance floor was dazzling, her slender figure, moved like a snake in the strobe lights. Her smooth movements gliding in the golden silver light made her look like some kind of goddess. She was holding him guiding his body along with hers. He wasn’t aware of anything else not even his moves on the dance floor. He just could sense her touch, the smell of her Elizabeth Arden, the saltation of her hair. He just felt like, he should simply bend over one knee and just ask rest of her life for himself.
He came to reality by the honking, the signal was already green. He sheepishly smiled and moved his car forward. He was amused that he actually was blushing by her thoughts. He saw Vikrant and Poorva standing at the symphony exit; he gently steered left and stopped. After the initial pleasantries they hopped inside the car. He adjusted his rear view mirror to have a full view of her. He could see her pretty face, perfectly complimented by her dangling earrings. She was wearing a black top which was showing her off slightly and a figure hugging jeans which gave her a simple and elegant look.
“So, where are we heading tonight?” Vikrant said “You got anything on mind?”
“Nothing specific, I will choose the place, you people say what you want to do, partying or a silent dinner?”
“Well, I have a different idea. There is some obscure band playing at G&C’s today. Some band called OrKlan. If you people in we can check that out.” Poorva Chirped in.
“Ginger & Cardamom, that sounds like a great idea. However I haven’t heard of the band though. Anyways it’s always nice to hangout there.” Prayas replied.
“So G&C’s it is for tonight” Vikrant pepped in.
They headed towards the place for their evening out. Prayas concentrated most of the time relaxing his eyes of Poorva. They parked the car and moved in the G&C’s. The band had already started playing and they put on their masks and joined the head swinging crowd. The live music was mesmerizing, though the band was obscure but they were playing nice music. Everybody just swayed the bodies with the tunes of the music. Prayas savoring the music and every instance while his shoulders brushed with Poorva’s back. The time flew by before they announced that they were playing the last song, “Zombie”. The band members were all dressed as Zombies like it was Halloween and actually jumped in with the crowd while singing. The effect was overwhelming. They were so happy when the concert was over, the zombie song and the effect of the attire was simply out of the world. They were discussing the song and the theme while they headed back.
Poorva, was in one of the chirpy moods and she started with an abstract question, “Existence of Ghosts”. Then started a series of ghost stories, which all of them laughed over. They laughed over silly horror movies, true stories and experiences which had carried over word of mouth. Prayas laughed most at the lame stories told by Poorva, even he didn’t know why. Either they were too lame or he was too much into her, and actually loved every word she spoke. The icing on the cake was the “Red Swastik” story she told.
Somewhere Poorva, heard of that ghosts met people and they spent a night with them. When they went the person had a “Red Swastik” on his left shoulder. Once the mark is established the person can see ghosts and eventually die and turn himself into one within a week. Everyone laughed about the absurdity of the story and how stupid the entire idea was.
Prayas, was about to reach Poorva’s home, this was his only turn. He said “Hey, give me you phone number at least I will ring you up sometime.”
She said, “Oh ok, you concentrate on driving I will give you a missed call” and she dialed his number from her cell. She waited for two rings on his cell and this connected.
“Oh my my, numbers being exchanged. Something is cooking up I see.” Vikrant said teasingly.
“Oh Come on dude, you don’t start now” Prayas replied almost blushing.
They stopped at Poorva’s house; Prayas just wanted the time to stop. He wished if Vikrant wouldn’t have been here he could have spent some more time with her. He wished if she could invite them upstairs. All his wishful thinking came to a halt, when Vikrant finally bade goodbye to her. Prayas also wished her good night reluctantly. He half heartedly pulled his car back on the road. Deep down he was happy at least some progress he got her Phone number. He was thinking of what message to send her once he reached home.
Finally they reached Vikrant’s home, “Dude, your home.”
“Oh Yes, Come on dude have a good night and give me a call once you reach home.” Vikrant said.
“Come on man, I will reach you don’t wait. Chill and don’t bother.” Prayas consoled.
“No bro, it’s already 1o Clock. I will wait for your call. Anyways incoming is free and you don’t be such an ass thinking about a phone call” Vikrant replying laughing
“Ok I will call you after reaching home.” Prayas replied while laughing.
Prayas drove of to the home. It was one in the night he cruised at 100 kmph over the highway. Within minutes he was inside the road. He didn’t know if he was driving too fast or he lost his track of time thinking about Poorva. He so wished if he could actually be with her for his entire life. He slowed down when he came down from the highway. He saw some people walking on the road. He has been on this road for like multiple times but today it had quite a few pedestrians given it was 1o clock. He finally smiled the city was coming of age; people are actually out of houses till 1o clock.
He entered the society gates, and parked his car. He got of with jump on his walks reveling in the glory of the awesome time he had with Poorva. He unlocked the door, quietly went inside the home. He switched on the TV. Some news channel was showing dumb news that how the mobile networks in the city had collapsed from afternoon. He shrugged off how dumb the news people give a sensational commentary on the news channel. He picked up his cell to call Vikrant, when he noticed there was no signal, “Very Good” he said to himself. He went to the dresser, picked up the landline and called Vikrant. The phone rang 4-5 times before it was finally picked; he could hear Vikrant’s voice from other side,
“Hello, who is it?”
“Hey its me Prayas, I reached safely to my home”
“That’s great, but why you waking me up to tell me this. You were not expecting to reach safely or what? Don’t tell me you are not drinking and driving.” Vikrant jibed
“Dude, stop cracking jokes at this hour, I am calling because you asked me too when I dropped you back” Prayas replied unbuttoning his shirt.
“You dropped me off, how many drinks you have had? I have been sick, I have not gotten out of my home since morning” Vikrant replied
“Stop making idiotic jokes, its 2 in the night” Prayas said throwing his shirt to the laundry bin.
“What the heck are you talking about…..” Vikrant replied confused.
Prayas was no longer paying any attention; his eyes were glued to mirror in the dressing. His left shoulder had a Red Tattoo inking a Swastik….The voice in his head was repeating obscure lines from the evening “Once the mark is established the person can see ghosts and eventually die within a week.” His eyes were fixated on his shoulder, sinking the thought he had “A Week of Life”

Short Pants

Late evening when I went in the coffee shop,
Spotted her sitting there; where I daily hogged,
I stopped whistling and singing my song,
Glued my eyes to her pants which were not so long.

I sat on her backside, not literally you pervert
I could hear her conversations in spurts,
With bits I got, she sounded hysterical,
Seemed like she was fighting a problem too diabolical.

She uttered the following words with tears in her eyes,
“Do you know where the solution for my problem lies,
No matter what, I can’t help my ever increasing weight”,
She said while gobbling the chocolate pastry from her plate.

The guy for a second looked at the plate listening to her rants,
And then focused on her legs coming out of the very short pants,
He knew the age old question actually was a huge trap,
One mistake and he is going to end up in crap.

“Darling, my love, you do not have to worry about the weight,
Lovely you look, lets head to the bedroom, it’s getting late,
I will give you special exercises all till your hearts content,
Just wait till I get inside your shorty short pants.”

The lass smiled, I don’t know; for the compliment or the anticipation,
Displaying her gorgeous legs for everyone’s admiration,
She went out; and I resumed my whistling and song,
With my eyes glued to her pants which were not so long.

This is my attempt to write humorous poetry. The context was me and my cousin was sitting in a coffee shop and discussing blogging and the conversation was directed on the topics of blogging, and I was of the view they can be picked from anywhere. So eventually both of us decided to pick on a girl sitting there in strikingly short shorts and write a post on it. This piece is entirely a piece of fiction and figment of my imagination and has no bearing to any kind of reality.


He closed the door of the car, and looked towards his reflection in the car; adjusting his Rayban Aviators he entered the espresso house. The espresso house had been a second home for Prayas for the past two years. The happy and sad moments, his birthdays and his dates all have happened here. The only place which give him solace in this lonely city. He went in threw his mobile phone, key and sunglasses on his usual table to reserve his place. This couch next to the glass wall of the espresso house has been his favorite table for months. He had spent hours sitting here sipping black coffee with walnut brownie, observing the passing traffic across the glass wall and enjoying the crowd inside.

He went to the counter, “Where is Ravi?” He enquired. Ravi was the store manager, who had been his close friend and had become well aware of his likings of coffee.

“Hey Prayas, Ravi has an off today. Tell me what will you have” replied Tewari.

“Usual, Espresso Americano and a brownie, Espresso with double extra shots”

“Double!!! Why something wrong, you have double only when you are in a bad mood”

“Nothing re, just chill. I want something to stir me up right through my spine so thought will have a double today” He replied and went back to the table. His cell phone was on the table.

The world can change drastically in just two days. Just two days before his life used to be eventful and happening. His phone used to ring whenever he was alone. He sometimes wondered that whether there was a telepathy that she always knew when to call and when to be with him. Two days back he considered himself the luckiest guy on the earth. Two days before he knew love. Two days before he was alone but never lonely. Two days before he was sad but never left uncomforted. Two days before he walked aloof but was not Single.

He sipped his coffee, and wondered how much had his life changed. Actually nothing, most of the times he visited espresso house alone, years of a long distance had taught him how to live alone. The only thing that changed was that now deep inside his heart he knew, he was a single. He knew that his phone will not ring today. He knew that he won’t be booking tickets to see her on the extended weekend. He couldn’t help thinking of the last time when they met in the same café. How intently they had been discussing their life and two months everything had changed. From Us it was you and me, it had all finished. One night, one call and it was all over. The penchant which had been built over five years had been forgotten in a matter of an hour.

Prayas was confused, and he wasn’t liking it, did he do something wrong. He wanted to hate the feminine race and he was able to hate every girl whom he knew and whom he didn’t, except Poorva. Five years, Poorva has been his life and suddenly she just let it go. “I can’t go against the family” was an important thing he knew. But still it seemed nonsense to him. He was irritated and angry. What made him angry was a question which was bothering him, a broken heart, failure of an important relationship, betrayal of Poorva, or the idea that he was single again. He tried hard to answer the question but they kept him tangled.

He was lost in a cocoon of thoughts, when he was brought out of the melancholy of his thoughts by a voice. “Excuse me!! Sorry to disturb you, do you mind if I sit here?”

He glanced across the whole café before looking up to find all other tables occupied. “Yeah, sure” he said looking up to see his company. She seemed nice on the first glance. Short in height, black hairs cut in slant till the shoulder, draped in a traditional black and blue suit, and a black dupatta draped tightly around her neck. Her eyes were big and brown. Carrying a very innocent smile, she sat in a dignified manner legs crossed in an inverted Y. He could see her white feet belted carefully in open sandals wearing a dull lavender color on her nails. He was immediately reminded of Poorva, she made him visit almost every mall in the city to find a similar color of nail enamels, which was her favorite.

She had got a Latte and a slimmer sand-witch. She smiled “I am sorry, to encroach upon your table like this”.

“No, its absolutely fine with me. Haven’t seen you here before?” Prayas replied.

“Hi, I am Divya. Yes I am new here. Moved in two days before, I am a personal counselor. What about you?”

“Hie, I am Prayas, have been here for past two years and you will find me in this espresso house more often than you can in my own house.” Sipping his coffee he continued “By profession I am a consultant, I get paid to talk. I have never heard of a personal counselor, what exactly do you do?”

“Amazing we are a complementary pair. You get paid to talk and I get paid to listen. I listen to people anything they would like to share, anything which is bothering them.”

“I mean what kind of problems people would be sharing to a stranger, and what kind of people would come to you. What solution you can give to them”

Divya laughed “All sorts of people, singles who can’t find a partner, committed people who want to be single, People into and out of relationships, married people who can’t find the spark in their marriages and people who find someone else in their marriage. Trust me all sorts of people, anyone and everyone can use a personal counselor. Now regarding solutions, at most of the times people know what the solution is. They know deep inside what is wrong and what is right, they just need someone to listen to them through all their heart. Sometimes they lack perspective and vision, then we just give them the different perspective make them understand the difference between a short term gain and a long term loss. The most important thing is that your client should be able to trust you, because he tells you the most important secrets of his life and the most important ability in this profession would be to listen and the ability to keep secrets.”

“Wow, so you think that everyone can gain from counseling, then may be even its high time I should get some from you. Tell me ma’am how can I get an appointment with you.”

“Sure anytime you feel that something is bothering you. I will be happy to have more business.”

“How much business this client will be bringing to your revenues every counseling session?” Prayas laughed

“Ahh, now that I am just starting in this new city. And you are such a nice guy who offered to share his table. Just buy me coffee every session we have here.”

“Wow, discounts for new clients. By the way I didn’t offer the table you asked for my company” Prayas chuckled.

Divya laughed
, suddenly Prayas’ cell phone started ringing “Excuse me!!!” he said “Client call” he went out. The conversation got extended and when he returned he found Divya had already left. He smiled and sat down just then he found something scribbled on the paper napkin on the table. He picked it up; it read “Hey Mr. Consultant, I have got to rush. It was really nice talking to you, hope to see you tomorrow here same time.” He smiled and walked out of the espresso house, his mind completely occupied with the conversation he had with Divya.

Next day he got too busy with work and only when he arrived at espresso house late in the night he remembered of Divya and her note which was still in his wallet but was completely forgotten. He sat on the couch and ordered. He could remember yesterday’s conversation. He regretted forgetting about the appointment and made it a point to come tomorrow and see if he could find her.

Next day he came and found her sitting on the same table he just went ahead “Ma’am, if you are not waiting for someone then may be I can join you”

“Oh I am so sorry, I am waiting for a dude called Prayas, he was supposed to come yesterday but seems like he has got delayed so you may sit till he arrives” Divya chuckled.

“Before sitting I am supposed to order coffee for myself and you, what will you have?”

“I will have a smoothie, black currant smoothie may be”

He ordered and then sat down, “Sorry yaar, I completely forgot about meeting you yesterday. Got occupied with work, I did came here but it was very late around ten in the evening”

“Oh, it’s completely alright, you don’t have to be so formal. By the way ten is not evening its night. You come here quiet often?”

“Not quiet often, regularly or rather daily. You can generally find me here till this place closes down and sometimes even after that”

“Why? Who is at your home, I mean don’t people wait for you? Don’t they get worried about you being out so late in the night?” Divya asked.

“I am a working bachelor; my parents don’t live with me. So actually no one at home, I share a flat with some of friends. All of us have independent life; no one bothers too much about each other until there is an emergency or something. Coming to this place soothes me, instead of being lonely at home.” Prayas replied.

“I understand, what about girlfriends, don’t you have one. I am sorry to be intruding your personal life but you seem to be a perfectly eligible bachelor?”

“I used to have one, four days back. We broke of, or in her rather her terms Parted Ways” Prayas replied in a bruised tone.

“I am sorry so be so intruding and inquisitive but if you don’t mind tell me what happened”

“Oh not a problem, her name was…. is Poorva. We had been together for approximately five years. We were happily committed with each other. Recently there was some pressure from her family and she felt that she can not leave her family for me. So she decided to dump me. That’s my choti si love story, and now your so called eligible bachelor is single.” Prayas said ending in a satirical tone.

“Come on Prayas, you are not that immature. You understand she loved you right? See Prayas it happens, it’s a matter of past and future. Her family is her past, and you wanted to be her future, and may be even she wanted you to be her future. But because of our closed culture it was not working out. It’s always difficult to let go what you already have for more than two decades” She went on speaking and he was lost in the tinkling of her voice. She seemed to be so beautiful, simple yet so engrossing.

“I know you have to go through a lot of misery for her, and how it feels to let go something so important. But you should realize that getting married and being rebels is not the aim. The life is about living happily ever after. Life is not what they show in movies; it’s what starts after the movies. So if she would have regretted being with you for leaving your parents. You wouldn’t be happy in the first place. So why be so satirical and bitter about it. You are not a weakling and neither your life has stopped nor is that you have lost al possibilities of leading a happy life. It was just a relationship and it didn’t work out. You gave your best shot, that’s more than enough.” Divya was saying when he interrupted.

“I understand whatever you are saying makes a lot of sense and is factual, but I can’t help being bitter about it.” Prayas was agitated.

“That’s because you are still there, where she left you, you are still waiting. You refuse to accept whatever has happened. Do you listen to ghazals?” Divya asked

“Yes, I like them a lot”

“You know your state is perfectly described by one of the couplets from a Jagjit Singh’s Ghazal

Dil bhi zid par ada hai ek bache ki tarah, ya to sab kuch hi ise chahiye ya kuch bhi nahi” Divya smiled and continued “You got to move on, find new people in your life, make things happen. Prayas this is your life, no one else will do it for you. What are you doing yaar. Chill man!!!”

“You know Divya; I have never met someone as sweet as you. I mean you are amazing” Prayas slowly replied in a slow and thoughtful voice.

“Don’t you start that with me. Come on its time for me to go. Nice girls are not supposed to be wandering late in the night.” Divya laughed and bade him goodbye and walked out.

He just sat there motionless watching her every move, every step. Her hands sidelining her hair and a black handbag dangling by her sides, she was a treat to his eyes and heart. He kept sitting and watching her. Everything she had said passed like a series of frames through her mind. He smiled to himself and his little fantasies and moved to go.

A Week Later-

It had been almost a week and they have been a part of each others life daily meeting at the same table in that espresso house. He was very happy and excited; he rushed into the espresso house and found her waiting for him. “Guess what, Ronan Keating is coming to city next weekend. Its a couple entry only, I have booked ticket for me and you, so be ready on Saturday”.

“Wow, I love Ronan Keating, You are a sweat heart. How did you know that I would love to go?” Divya was as excited as Prayas was.

Prayas was having sleepless nights, waiting for Saturday. On Saturday he woke up late, double shaved. Picked out his favorite dress put on. The night he has been waiting for all these days had actually arrived. He reached the espresso bar all
dressed up and as soon as he reached he felt as if breath has lost on him. She sitting alone on the coffee table seemed to be like a piece of art. Her white skin was glowing prominently across the maroon dress. A thin gold chain was rounded on his neck, with a loosely dangling arrow pendant. He couldn’t take her eyes of her, when she saw him and said “Hi, when did you come?”

“Just now, I never knew you were so beautiful” Prayas stammered.

He could see a red blush, across her pink cheeks he moved by her side “Let’s go” and put her hand across her shoulder hesitating a bit to keep her hands on her waist he moved them over to her shoulders and gripped her. They sat in the car and went towards the concert.

Prayas was on a different world driving his car across the city and having her besides him, he could see his life in her face and her smile. He could feel blood rushing through his heart. The whole setup seemed like a fairy tale to him. He was out with his princess; the fantasy was quadrupled with Ronan Keating classics. He knew in his heart that he had found his life. All that he had expected in his wife was rocking to the greatest love songs of the world right here in his arms. Life was bliss.

The evening came to an end sooner than they could have realized. Some evenings can impact your lives so much that they can stretch well beyond a life time; this was such an evening for him. The sweet romance still embraced them when they were driving back home, they reached her home. She got off the car; he held her hands and pulled her back. Divya turned and looked back at him and a moment of silence and the clock seemed to stop. He came closer slowly till he could feel the warmth of her breath. She didn’t move, he bent forward her hands were gently stroking her soft hair and he could feel his lips against hers. The slight moisture of her lipstick and the aroma of her skin mixed with the Davidoff Echo made him loose his senses. She was still and he took a long press and slowly separated looking directly into her eyes. He could he see warmth and a strange sense of composure in her eyes. He didn’t know what do and what to say. He just sat quietly, she bent forward stroked her left cheek and gave a light peck on his cheek “You are a sweetheart Prayas” and she went home.

He turned the rear view mirror he could see the imprints of her lips and her lipstick on his cheek, he didn’t remove them, the silky touch of her hand seemed to him like an eternity. His heart was beating vigorously with his nerves strained. He roared the engine and zapped his car back to his home. Life was great, and he had been loving every moment of it.

Next day Prayas had to go out of station for a week for work.

The trip had been a successful one for him and he couldn’t wait to get back to meet Divya. Strolling through one of the malls he purchased a ruby ring for her, and wrote a one liner for her-

“The tinge of gold and this little gem fickle, My heart skips beat and you surround the view,

Your deep eyes tinkling with the sparkle, Make me say I Love You. “

He reached back, he couldn’t wait to reach espresso and ask her to marry him. He was greeted well in the office for the success of his trip. His team had decided to go clubbing that night in his honor. He so much wanted to say no and tried to avoid then thought that may be he could ask her tomorrow. They went to G&C’s for the night. The music was at its best, the usual G&C standard. The Club was full of life. Prayas and his team took a corner seat and ordered drinks. He couldn’t take his mind of Divya. The ring was still in his pocket. He missed her like hell and wished that she could have been here with him, right in his arms.

After an extended session of drinks, Prayas and his friends jumped on the floor. The floor had been happening as usual and the group immediately let itself loose with the music. Suddenly Prayas’ eyes freezed on a couple, whose dance and closeness were extending to the acts of foreplay. The guy was kissing the girl very passionately and his hands were trying to get a feel of her body. His mind went topsy-turvy, he tried to get a better view of the girl but he couldn’t because of the crowd which was half mad with the ambience and music. He couldn’t get his eyes of the glowing skin of the feminine body which seemed so familiar. Soon the party was drawing towards a close long after midnight. He saw them exiting out of the pub he followed and just as the couple was about to enter the car he shouted Divya. She turned back, and he was shocked.

“Wow Prayas!! How come you are here, you had gone out? When did you come back? You didn’t even tell me” Divya said.

Prayas didn’t say a thing, just kept staring at the guy next to her. She noticed and said “Oh, I completely forgot. He is Vikrant, my boyfriend. Vicky he is Prayas, I told you about him. Remember”

“BOYFRIEND!!!” exclaimed Prayas “When did this happened, a week ago you loved me. You didn’t even gave me a weeks time and you go out with him”

“What!!!” Divya was shocked “You? My boyfriend. When? Something is terribly wrong. You were never my boyfriend, and I was never your girl.”

“If not then why did you wait for me in Espresso house everyday? Why did you listen to everything I had to say? Why we had to be together daily? Tell me why?” shouted Prayas.

“Listening to you, it was professional Prayas, I hope you understand. It’s my profession to listen to personal problem s of people and I was doing that. It was nothing of the sorts you are assuming. I never said that I love you. Vicky has been in my life for past three years.” Divya tried to calm him down.

“You mean everything was professional, you were just being professional with me. If that’s true why you never told me about Vicky before” Prayas shouted almost on the verge of crying.

“You never asked, as a matter of fact I never shared anything about my life with you. I don’t know how and what have you assumed”

“What about the Kiss that day. It didn’t mean anything to you” Prayas said in a coarse voice with a tear rolling down his eyes.

“Come on Prayas I just let you do it because I thought you were missing your girl. Prayas this is my profession, I love my job. Everything between you and me was professional.” She bent forward stroked his cheek gently and gave him a small peck on his cheek “You are a sweetheart Prayas. Take care and if you need any help do give me a call. I have to leave now”. She sat inside the car and they drove off.

He could feel the touch of her hands against his cheeks like a sand paper. He felt like puking, he slowly moved towards his car sat inside, lying his neck against the headrest. He took out the handkerchief to wipe of his face of the tears that had trickled down and could feel the box of ring. He too
k it out opened the glove box and kept it beside a photo of Poorva. He looked towards it for a minute, before closing the glove box.

He started the car and drove off; the days of bliss had passed. He was single again.