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When the Legends Passed Away

It is strange that how some people can impact your lives, minds and philosophy without even meeting you. It has been a sad month for me, two legends, Jagjit Singh and Steve Jobs, who had a great impact on me during my growing years, passed away this month.

I have always looked up to Steve Jobs for inspiration based on whatever I read about him. To be honest I became a fan of Steve Jobs only after listening reading the transcript of his famous commencement address in Stanford, and who wouldn’t after hearing the awe inspiring stories of connecting the dots and staying hungry and staying foolish. I think I have tweeted this before but if you haven’t heard or read this address you are missing something in life. You can read the address here or watch it here.

Some of my favourtie quotes from Steve Jobs which would I have inspired me time and again –

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.”

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

“You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.” – Inc. Magazine

“Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?”

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

“And we’ve all chosen to do this with our lives. So it better be damn good. It better be worth it.”

“Almost everything–all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure–these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

“I’m the only person I know that’s lost a quarter of a billion dollars in one year…. It’s very character-building.”

“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.” – Fortune, Nov. 9, 1998

“If I were running Apple, I would milk the Macintosh for all it’s worth — and get busy on the next great thing. The PC wars are over. Done. Microsoft won a long time ago.”

The influence of Jagjit Singhji started very early in my life, I guess I was 13 years old. That was the first time I was introduced to the Ghazal Maestro and the music genre called Ghazal. Since that day Ghazals and Jagjit SInghji’s voice owned a part of my soul. A lot of Ghazals sung by him defined my idea of life, love and sacrifices at a very early stage. They also made me experience extreme emotional situations through his ghazals without actually facing them in life. I truly believe that Jagjit Singh and his songs made me a matured and sensible person which I am.

Signing out with lyrics of my favorite Ghazal by Jagjit Singh-

“Baazeecha-ae-atfaal hai duniyaa mere aage, Hota hai shab-e-roz tamaashaa mere aage

Hotaa hai niha gard mein seharaa mere hote, Ghisataa hai jabi Khaak pe dariyaa mere aage

Mat poochh ki kyaa haal hai meraa tere pichhe, Tu dekh ke kyaa rang hai tera mere aage

Imaan mujhe roke hai jo khinche hai mujhe kufr, Kaabaa mere piichhe hai kalisa mere aage

Go haath ko jumbish nahin aankhon mein to dam hai, Rahane do abhi saagar-o-meena mere aage”

RIP Jagjit Singh ji & Steve Jobs, the world will miss both of you legends

25 Things To Do In Bangalore

Saw this post at Ratzz on things to do in the city you live in. Found it quite interesting, and since that I have lived in a lot of cities I might do it for some which I know well. So here is a list of 25 things to do when you are in Bangalore.

1-      Take a walk on the Brigade Road on a Saturday evening

2-      Eat Masala Dosa at Vidhyarthi Bhavan

3-      Take a stroll across the Lal Bagh

4-      Watch the sunrise over Nandi Hills

5-      Have a ride in the Red Volvo busses

6-      Do some window shopping at UB City Mall

7-      Have a cup of coffee in silver tumblers at Maiyas or MTR

8-      Have a Kingfisher beer  at Dewars’ the oldest bar in the beer capital

9-      Take a drive through electronic city or Whitefield to see the pulse of technology hotspots

10-   Visit the Vidhan Sabha of Karnataka on Sunday evenings or on Public holiday evenings when the lighting is on

11-   Have an authentic Uttar Kannada meal at Kamat Lokaruchi (pref on Mysore Road)

12-   Have a Gobhi(Cauliflower) Manchurian from the street peddler

13-   On a rainy evening get out for drive in cars around 6 in the evening to have a real taste of Bangalore traffic

14-   Take a stroll across the Cubbon Park

15-   Shop for Kaveri Handicrafts or Sandalwood in Majestic

16-   Have a drink at ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ followed by dinner at ‘Ebony’ Retaurant overlooking the skyline of Banglore

17-   Visit Visvesvariya Industrial & Technical Museum

18-   Visit the 16th century Bull Temple

19-   Visit the Blossoms Book Store if you are a book lover

20-   Visit the Rangashankara for a splendid theatrical performances

21-   Have piping hot Idlis at Brahmins

22-   Have a trip to Wonder La amusement park

23-   Have some gourmet cakes and pastries at Sugar & Spice, the patisserie at the Taj Vivanta at Trinity Circle.

24-   Spot some wildlife and animals at Bannerghatta National park

25-   Just take a walk in the evenings reminiscing the weather and if you are lucky there would be mild a drizzle soothing your face anywhere and anytime in Bangalore

Well this from someone who has been here in this city for close to two years, so if you folks have got to add something on Bangalore the comments is an open house.

First Girl-Friend Day-24

The credit to this post goes to Ojas. For those who don’t know him, he is the son of a very dear blogger friend Monika. So to set the backdrop, we were discussing about how Ojas is reacting to his school which he started going only last week. She told me, that he likes the school but always wants her to be around.

My reaction was “Wait till he finds a girlfriend in school”, which I am sure he would, given the handsome little dude he is (Ps. Ojas, remember one of the first few people to use handsome & dude in the same line for you was Prats Uncle Bhaiya:-D). Coming back to the point it actually sent me down back in my memory lanes, when I was a kid would and recently started going to school in LKG may be around 3 yrs of age.

I studied in a Catholic convent school till class 4th where sisters used to teach. Thank god, I changed my school after that, otherwise the “important” classroom discussions like “Amrita Ma’am is so hot” would have towed a line of being incest if the Amrita ma’am in question was replaced by Sister Nancy and the b***ard principal would have been b***ard father. However I digress, so the point being the sister decided who would your seat partner be.

My seat partner used to be, a girl names Ruchi. Sadly I don’t remember her last name I am not sure if she was a bully or I was simply trying to impress her. I always used to come home and complain to my mom that she ate a part of my lunchbox, and especially the sweet & sour tamarind chutney, if it was present was completely savored by her. So technically looking she was my first girlfriend.

I don’t know the schools changed, paths changed. I never met her and as of today I don’t even remember what she looked like but then the name and her acts of bullying me for my chutney do leave some smiles on my face. But sure would be interesting to know how she is doing after so many years. Ruchi, If you are reading this please do leave a comment here and Ps. I have stopped eating tamarind chutneys, you know the jar mom brought when she came this month is just an empty jar 😉

So Ojas, remember this advice from this uncle bhaiya, when you make your first girlfriend do ask mommy to note down her complete name and address. So when you grow up you can at least find her of Facebook (or whatever is the social networking thing in your time) and flaunt it to other guys look she was my first girlfriend (I know sounds weird but we guys do get a kick out of discussing the hotness quotients of our ex(‘es))

The Common Man Day 21

When I read this news today, somewhere I was deeply moved. There are somethings you grow up with, I believe my generation and the generation elder to me and younger to me have all grown up with the works of the legend R.K. Laxman is. He suffered from 3 strokes and had to be air-lifted from Pune to Mumbai breach candy hospital. Though his situation is stable now the whole news was scary for millions of his fans like me.

Wish him a speedy and healthy recovery.

Here I leave you with some gems of R.K. Laxman.

Images: Courtesy TOI

Apologies – Day 12

Apologies are something which are one of the greatest blessings of human nature, a simple and sincere apology can cure guilt, ease tension and pressure making one feel a lot lighter.

Some really important people in my life, I owe an apology to-

1- My Parents- for numerous tantrums I have thrown pointlessly, not listening to advices which were for my god and I should have listened too and taking them for granted at times.

2- My Library Teacher in School- She always wanted me to read more books, and I always evaded the library periods. I didn’t realize she was just trying to introduce me to one of my favorite activity.

3- One of My Very Good Friend- for not able to choose what is important, and ditching him for priorities which were not important

4- City of Kanpur- I left you to pursue better opportunities and a career. I always believed you had great potential but I never worked for you. I owe a lot of myself to this city but have been guilty of being selfish and not giving back

5- My IT Team in SIBM- One of my tantrums and way of opposition caused them embarrassment and troubles which was not necessary. Though I didn’t agree with the system but still these were one of the most amazing bunch of people I worked with and I would always feel sorry for being the one to be one their opposite side.

Book Review: May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss

Author: Arnab Ray (Greatbong)
Publisher: Harper Collins
Price: 199/-



Its recently a barrage of blooger turned authors, and one of the most prominent bloggers who came up with the a book is Great Bong. I was aware of his blog and was very skeptical about a book from him specially, knowing that I did not connect with his blog very well.

May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss, an odd title for a book by Arnab Ray, is a well researched, thought and worked book. It has been one of the best ones coming from the young generation of Indian authors. The book is more like a collection of essays facets on life of the generation which grew up in eighties and nineties in India. The book is a satirical reflection is what our so called contemporary YUPPIES have grown from. The realities of the world wrapped in satire.

The book takes any person who has lived that era in myriad of laughter and head nodding in agreement to the points made by Arnab. As an author, he has maintained a brilliant mix of humor and a focus on the issues faced/being faced by the contemporary society. His tongue in cheek style of humor goes a tad too well with the ironies of the Indian society.

The book at times, felt too much of a rant, especially if one tries to read it in a single sitting. Overall, what Arnab has done is identified the problems and posed them in humorous and sarcastic way to our own society. He doesn’t intends to give any solutions or his point of view through the book, but just illustrates how ironic and stupid is the world that we live in. And the best part of the books is you would be laughing and agreeing with him while reading the irony and the stupidity knowing well you were a part of it.

Summary: A must read for anyone who enjoys tongue in cheek humor.

Rating: 4.25 / 5

The Time When I Quit

Recently I quit my first job, it was an emotional and significant moment of my life and career. I wrote a parting shot part which would leave the people smiling as you know I hate sad good byes. So here is what I wrote-

I always use to get last day at office emails from people I didn’t knew(actually sometimes people I knew too) I always wondered that is it customary or they do it plain to make likes of me jealous. I had thought that I will simply get out of here, if I ever did, with silence and dignity. Now that you are already reading this we can all agree this ain’t gonna happen. So my best parting shot from here would be create a mail that would at least make you smile for a while and trust me on this I will put all my effort and won’t let any kind of truth stand in between the satire and humor of the mail.

Now that I have set the context of the letter, I came here after doing a soft engineering course and a professional business management course after which I landed for my first job, it was nothing like I could have ever dreamt of. It was surprisingly different, different than any of my colleges, or companies where I did internships and projects, it was like being back to school, and as the old adage goes school days are the best days of life things were similar yet a bit different here. I was always happy and scared of the school over time, when the last bell rang and the gates were thrown open you could see a crowd running towards the gate and at that time it was next to impossible to stop those enthusiastic kids, I have always had a same feeling here, when you stand amidst the path towards the exit gate around 6o clock bus time. I had a feeling that if I walked in an opposite direction people might push my giant frame to the ground and walk over. And somehow the look on the people’s face was satisfying, I actually made it a point to stand on the side lines of the food court and watch people leave. The times have come to an end, the kid has decided to be a drop out from this school.

Generally people are thankful and express gratitude in their last emails, I am not sure but my first and foremost gratitude should be conveyed to the person who conceived the idea to have a Café Coffee Day inside the campus, because of whom I have been branded as a person who has more caffeine than blood in his body by my own team. Not to forget the security guards who always ensured that I walked on the pavements instead of roads, lest I get run over by lorry’s and speeding traffic in an automotive free campus. I would like to thank the cleaning folks who actually thought it would be a great idea to clean the windows of my ECC room at 2 in the night hanging by the 5th floor, I was definitely entertained to see a person hanging outside my 5th floor window waving something weird at me in the half sleep.

Now that you have realized there is nothing worthwhile in this mail to actually read further and identified it was a complete waste of time. Actually you are cursing me for writing this one and then even sending this across to you, you may go back to work. Before you delete this mail, please enter these 2 mins spent reading this mail in the timesheet under code TWRLDM- Time Wasted Reading Trashy Last Day Mail, after all we are all serious about reporting our work hours people, aren’t we?

On a serious note, Adieu to all of you. I have made friends here which I would cherish my entire life, I have learned a lot through the people whom I have worked with. The HR folks made me give up everything I had related to this company from the computers, to phone, to the I-cards but one thing they won’t be able to take away is my friendship with people here and memories of good times I have had here. I express my sincere thanks to everyone who made my journey here worthwhile. This would be my last day here and henceforth I would be reachable at Email@id or can be followed through my website http://prats.co.in

Good Byes for now and as Daniel Ocean said, “See ya when I see ya”.


Of Barbeque, Bloggers and Beer

The bachelorhood of yours truly is heading for an expiry date with a speed faster than the ball being hit by Sehwag for the boundary, you can safely tag these times as a desperate times. As the old adage goes, desperate times call for desperate measures; yours truly has developed a tendency to lap up anything that has delicious food, hawt babes, and awesome fun around. Now from my past experiences that has been honestly mentioned here, was that you get all this and more (Disclaimer: More here can be read as watching drunk friends acting crazy, weird and funny) when there is a Fosters’ Art of Chilling Party.
So this time when I get an invite again from Indiblogger and Fosters, I knew this was like my pre-bachelors party. Now being the narcissist I am, was thinking the bachelor would be the key word there but as it turned out to be later it was party.
So basically, what happens when you leave some blogger friends in a party where there is spicy barbeque, spicier models in the pool, and spiciest beer in the town, all free flowing? Well its all conversations, jokes & jibes, formation of beer can towers and some memories. Sitting by the pool, at the rooftop looking out to the Pune skyline, you know some moments in life cannot get better, and the Fosters’ AOC party was one of them.

I spent a gala time playing with beer cans, hobbling starters and joking away to glory, with Alps, Gaurav Saha, and Doc. I think we stepped down from the party only when the music was closed beers were over and in the glass elevator of the hotel when the Doc cracked the jibe on the water flowing on the glass wall, “Is it the beer on me or the wall is really pissing” we were ROFL quite literally.

Long after the party was over we were still in the hotel lobby trying the cake shop, sitting with each other and cracking jokes, none of us actually wanted to go. I being the teetotaler, could sense a difference, it was four blogger friends who went in the party but it was like it was four friends who were bloggers that came out of it.

Thanks to Fosters for the Art of Chilling and giving me a unforgettable story of the Barbeque, Bloggers and the Beer. Cheers to new friendships.

Tags Of Childhood

As you would all know that I am currently under going a rigorous training program called “Marriage in January 2010”. This program is an ultimate training program and primarily run by women, namely my mom, my cousin sis and my would be WhyFee, and the basic objective of the program “Never say no to a when a lady asks you to do something”. Example- “Mom says Get out of the bed and bath, you say yes. When cousin sis says We would dance a lot in your wedding and you would dance too, you say yes(sob, sob). When Whyfee says Do you like my new dress, YOU SAY YES.”. So owing to this mental conditioning, when Smita asked me to do this tag, you can guess what I said “Yes”. So all said and done already here I am posting my 6 childhood memories (though she asked me to post 7 but its already too long to be boring) –

1- Birthday Bumps– I was in class 10th or 11th when actually the concept of Birthday Bumps was catching up. So all of us were super excited about giving birthday bumps and would eagerly wait for birthdays. So one day it was the birthday of one of our friends and we gathered in the canteen with the whole fan-fair and all the close friends picked him up and started throwing him in the air counting the number of years. Like a typical Hindi movie where the Gala Celebrations are interrupted by the entry of the Villain. Entry our headmistress (Anything that has something to do with Mistress wasn’t funny when we were in school) who was a strict disciplinarian and she also knew my mom personally so I was always at my best behavior in front of her. So now as soon as she was in sight we all left our friends in mid-air and fled. Then she actually called me in front of the class, and what proceeded was a series of most embarrassing jibes. She started “You are amongst the tallest students in the class and noticeable from a km of distance and you think you can run and be ignored” all this flanking was still bearable with the entire class laughing. She went on to lecture that how my reaction was very natural to the class saying these exact words “You know there is a child in him’. And all my friends jibed on my case for next one week that I was officially declared pregnant by the headmistress herself.

2- The Fatal Errors– The second one is getting thrashed for adding Odomos Mosquito repellent cream to an entire batch of pickles made by mom. You can read about the adventure disaster here

3- Garage Visits– I learned how I drive a car when I was 11 or may be 12 years old, I was too small and kept pestering my dad saying that I have already mastered riding a motorbike and now I wanted the car. So he sent me to the Garage to learn about the cars, the owners knew my dad personally so I was treated like a VIP and all the mechanics on the floor were excited to see a small kid trying hard to learn car. They showed me engine, how to do minor fixes of the car, and small tits and bits about maintaining the car. I used to enjoy my time so much there and I actually used to love sit in the cars which were crashed in accidents and small time driving of the cars in the garage. I love driving and I claim that I know my car a lot better. As a matter of fact with my driving the car generally gives a better mileage than any of my friends driving it. All that passion and love for cars which still lies with me I picked at that time.

4- Result Card Day– My parents were very particular about keeping high standards of academics, so all my wishful gifts were always related to my academic performance. You want the new Walkman on the block, crack the ranks among first five students and you have had it. You want a new computer, get recommendation in the computer prize examination and you get it. So it was a consistent bidding scenario. I would invariably would have loved some crazy thing and there would be a condition attached directly with my report card. So when everyone else would have been happy/sad and most of all compering I would always be competing with a set of my own goals and every time when I achieved the goals it was a dual happiness. Especially coming into the corporate I wish the goal settings could have been so effective and objective.

5- Puzzling Stories– Being the only child, I never had too much of company at my home. However, so I generally talked and played with my mom and dad. I used to love the times when electricity used to conk off in the evenings specially in the winters. We would sit in the living room wrapped in quilts or shawls and mom and dad would keep asking me a lot of puzzles or tell me story and quiz me on the morals. Often they would tell me the story of Mahabharata in detail and quiz me on my mythological knowledge. The Mahabharata story was a kind of huge kick for me as they were showing the serial on TV those days, and because of these session I always knew of the story coming ahead. Those days in childhood were really awesome fun.

6- Video Games– Though I had my own 16-bit Vedio Game Console, but it was seriously rationed by my mom. Securely kept in her cupboard, locked and taken out only at my incessant heart penetrating requests and on completion of my homework or studies to be done by the day. So I found the duplicate keys from my mom’s cupboard and whenever both mom and dad went out for some work or something I would sneak out the console and play for a while and then keep it inside and revert back to studying. This actually continued for around a year till I actually grew over my console and became responsible enough to balance my study and leisure time 🙂

So now I tag
Nidhi – She is trying to revive her blog
Deepti– She loves doing all kinds of Tags
Anshima & Vipul – My cousins, I think they would like doing this.
And anyone else who is reading this and likes this tag can do it as well on their blogs or in my comments. Please leave a comment with the link to your post in case you choose to do the tag, as I would love to read your responses.