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Blog: Dead & Alive Day 30

I am not sure, if I should be happy or sad. It was on June 1st 2010 I undertook NaBloPoMo. Though knowing that this month was expected to be particularly crazy with parents coming in and a lot of pressure from work, I still felt I should do it because I needed to get into regular writing and blogging. The blogging has taken a back seat post my move to Bangalore primarily due to majority of my productive daily free time is spent in commute. However, this post is not about the Bangalore traffic, this is about what that commitment meant to me. However, given by the rules I have not completed successfully the NaBloPoMo this time and at this happened towards the end and the time when it was least expected.

My blog was giving a bit problem while opening at work on Friday, so to be on the safer side, when I wrote the post for Sunday; I also scheduled two posts for Monday and Tuesday so as not to miss the deadline. However, the blog did not open on Monday and I had logged a ticket with my Service Provider on Sunday this is the reply I got-

Dear sir,
This is to inform you that, some security work is going on the server. During this process, your site may not respond or become slow. We have put the server on Cisco Guard. We are working on this and will update once the work is over. Thanks for your patience.

Then the next update on Monday from the was a bad news and the blog was completely down-

Dear Sir,
We are facing a serious issue of Sync_flood attacks at data center.So websites are not able to resolve properly. We have applied all the solutions to stop this attack.As the attack is so intense that we need some time to actually come to terms with it meanwhile we are migrating the entire server to the new one without any data loss.We are expecting a downtime of 6-8 hours but the maximum will be 24 hours.So thanks for your patience under such tough time.

So I missed the Monday & Tuesday posts as the blog and even the scheduled posts were not published. Out of the blue Wednesday morning the two scheduled posts appeared on the feed and the notification on twitter. However, I was able to access the blog but admin panel was still inaccessible. Finally Wednesday at 5:00 I got a mail from them that my blog and admin are up and running. I am grateful to Znet for the quick response and the work they have done; thankfully they managed to migrate the site without any glitches and data losses.

I personally feel that I missed two days of NaBloPoMo cannot claim the successful completion, though I gave my 100% but situation were beyond my control. However this would be last post for the month of June and I would love to take the opportunity to thank all the readers of Ginger & Cardamom to bear with me and my writing and apologies for all those filler posts and tags done out of desperation of not missing a day.

However, for Ginger & Cardamom this marathon was very successful, for all the love that was bestowed on the site, For the month of June 2010 there were around 6000 unique visitors, with more than 200,000 hits almost 40% higher than the usual. And consuming a bandwidth of 2.4 GB which is almost double than usual. All these stats are excluding bots and the feeds & Facebook readers which read the entire content off the website. Thanks a lot for showing so much of love, I feel humbled with gratitude and a responsibility to write better and often than I usually have been.

Special thanks to fellow bloggers who supported me through the NaBloPoMo and kept the motivation levels high, Preeti Shenoy, Monika, Neha, Swaram, Meira, Aarti, Iya,
Kudos and congratulations to all you folks enjoyed your posts everyday. And I close this NaBloPoMo with a Hope that the fun and insanity on our blogs never die. Amen.

Naam Hai Nahi Rahega, Prateek Gupta

So Nu posted an interesting post about the movie character.
This was a tough decisions on what characters I would relate to, it was a close call between Aamir Khan in Dil Chahta Hai, Saif Ali Khan in Hum Tum, and Nick Naylor in Thank You for Smoking. However, I believe a character that totally defines my major traits would be Guru Kant Desai from the movie Guru.

I have awesomely loved this movie and Abhishek Bachan’s character. Here is an insight to a dialogue from the movie which I relate to, a lot.

Movie Summaries Day 26

I have a Big Flix rental service, since mom was here and was immobile due to fracture. I was scheduling some movies she missed watching. So here are the one-liner reviews for those movies-

1- Ishqiya- Sulphate is not only a compound of Sulphur.

2- Rock On – The investment banker can any day turn back to being the singer of the long lost rock band

3- Wake Up Sid- If you fail the examinations, try photography might work as a career for you. Ps. You can simply gatecrash at a new lady friends’ home and have a live-in

4- Dasvidaniya- Your life would suck if it is based on a to-do list. Also Russian prostitutes might fall in love with you if you refuse to have sex with them.

5- Chak De India- India win’s woman’s hockey world cup. India wins what? Women’s hockey whatever.

6- Angoor- two set of twins can get separated with each of one type together and both set have the same names.

7- New York- If you get arrested by FBI, you take a simple step you make a plot to bomb the FBI office and almost do it.

Chilling At The Unwind Island

I have become one of the believers in the art of chilling, so when I got the invite for my first Fosters’ art of chilling parties in Bangalore, I was more than over joyed. My earlier experiences in Pune art of chilling parties only suggested one thing that I freeze my schedule for Sunday afternoon to make it to the Fosters’ party.

Though every Fosters party had been a different experience, this one was quite different from the others. While the last time we had an entire gang who were having awesome fun, but all that is history. I changed cities, left my fun loving gang which used to make the parties so much fun, I was really skeptical if I would be enjoying this party as much.

But this time I had Wifee along with me, made some new friends and enjoyed an awesome party. The fosters art of chilling this time too stood for what it means to me, an awesome time and an unforgettable evening.

First Girl-Friend Day-24

The credit to this post goes to Ojas. For those who don’t know him, he is the son of a very dear blogger friend Monika. So to set the backdrop, we were discussing about how Ojas is reacting to his school which he started going only last week. She told me, that he likes the school but always wants her to be around.

My reaction was “Wait till he finds a girlfriend in school”, which I am sure he would, given the handsome little dude he is (Ps. Ojas, remember one of the first few people to use handsome & dude in the same line for you was Prats Uncle Bhaiya:-D). Coming back to the point it actually sent me down back in my memory lanes, when I was a kid would and recently started going to school in LKG may be around 3 yrs of age.

I studied in a Catholic convent school till class 4th where sisters used to teach. Thank god, I changed my school after that, otherwise the “important” classroom discussions like “Amrita Ma’am is so hot” would have towed a line of being incest if the Amrita ma’am in question was replaced by Sister Nancy and the b***ard principal would have been b***ard father. However I digress, so the point being the sister decided who would your seat partner be.

My seat partner used to be, a girl names Ruchi. Sadly I don’t remember her last name I am not sure if she was a bully or I was simply trying to impress her. I always used to come home and complain to my mom that she ate a part of my lunchbox, and especially the sweet & sour tamarind chutney, if it was present was completely savored by her. So technically looking she was my first girlfriend.

I don’t know the schools changed, paths changed. I never met her and as of today I don’t even remember what she looked like but then the name and her acts of bullying me for my chutney do leave some smiles on my face. But sure would be interesting to know how she is doing after so many years. Ruchi, If you are reading this please do leave a comment here and Ps. I have stopped eating tamarind chutneys, you know the jar mom brought when she came this month is just an empty jar 😉

So Ojas, remember this advice from this uncle bhaiya, when you make your first girlfriend do ask mommy to note down her complete name and address. So when you grow up you can at least find her of Facebook (or whatever is the social networking thing in your time) and flaunt it to other guys look she was my first girlfriend (I know sounds weird but we guys do get a kick out of discussing the hotness quotients of our ex(‘es))

5 Messed Up Things in my Life- Day 22

Well, for now I am in a mood to rant, I mean yes being positive etc etc are good advice. But one does have a right to be generally pissed off and rant oneself out. So here are the most messed up things in my life right now.

1- Mom’s Fracture– So finally my mom was staying with us for a month, with everything set plans made for trips to Chennai, Pondy, Mahabalipuram. She gets her feet fractured. That too for one of the stupidest causes, by a masseuse. So all plans canceled and down to bed rest.

2- Bangalore Traffic– I effin hate Bangalore Traffic. I mean what the hell why on earth do I take 2 hrs minimum to commute a 30 kms. For the record, I travel 30kms one way to work and then another 30 while coming back. That too in the peak hour Bangalore traffic. Did I say I hate Bangalore traffic, oh yes but then why won’t I?

3- Time Management– Though I have always been admired by people for my time management skills. I always found time for doing things which I wanted, but lately this has almost become impossible. 🙁

4- Laziness– I have been gaining weight and hogging like a pig all this time without any exercise. I am not doing anything about it 🙁

5- Priorities– My priorities in life are entirely screwed with effin social obligations from all the side limiting the amount of time and effort which ideally should be allocated based on priority 🙁

The Common Man Day 21

When I read this news today, somewhere I was deeply moved. There are somethings you grow up with, I believe my generation and the generation elder to me and younger to me have all grown up with the works of the legend R.K. Laxman is. He suffered from 3 strokes and had to be air-lifted from Pune to Mumbai breach candy hospital. Though his situation is stable now the whole news was scary for millions of his fans like me.

Wish him a speedy and healthy recovery.

Here I leave you with some gems of R.K. Laxman.

Images: Courtesy TOI

Answers: Hindu Mythology Quiz

The answers to the Hindu mythology quiz are here.

Firstly the common link is all the photographs are a depiction of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu commonly known as Dasavatar. The photographs are taken in restaurant called Kadambam on Bangalore-Mysore road. Its a Tamil food joint (the owner told me Iyer or Iyengar I forgot though 🙁 ) they have these lovely wood carved statues of all the avatars on their restaurant walls.

The names of Avatars in the order are-
1 – Shri Ram
2 – Parshuram
3 – Kalki
4 – Vamana
5 – Krishna
6 – Narsimha
7 – Varaha
8 – Kurma


I got 14 entries answering this quiz and only one of them was completely correct.
1- Gagrin
However the following entries were almost correct as they mixed up the Kalki, Parusrama avatar with Balrama. If you would notice the second image what the tool in the had of lord is an axe (Parsurama) not a plough (Balrama). These were the people who were very close to the answer.
1- Swaram
2- Aarti
3- Fagun
4- Ratzzz
5- Aruna

If you want me to link the names to your blog or twitter please send a mail to prats@prats.co.in I will link the same.