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The Railway Station

One night at a railway station
I was sitting in the air,
The world was quiet
Except for a few shimmering cries.
As if it were a graveyard
Full of trembling deaths,
Then suddenly times began changing
The mob began to pour.
As the train pulled in over
The place turned into a hell
Everybody busy from their head to the toes
The vessel made a shrill noise while moving forward
With the chaos gradually started settling
And the era of silence outstretched
I found myself on the railway station
Gazing at the bare railway tracks
The tracks that went together for miles like best of friends
But in reality they never did met
All it was a station
Which was a world in itself
Lots of people to come by you,
But not a single one to be met.

Hey people this is one of my few attempts on a non rhyming poetry. Would really like to have feedback and areas of improvement.
I actually didn’t had too much of time to write a complete post today so kind of wrote this poetry in a hurry


I have decided to change the about me section of my Blog. I was quiet a bored of the present one which has been there since the inception of this blog. It was actually relevant till I was doing my post graduation but then more out of laziness I just added one line to make it relate to my current phase of life. However Now that I have decided that I will be making this as my personal blog, I decided to remove the professional me out of here. So here goes what used to be About me in my Blog-
A lone son, an argumentative Indian, A loyal freind, an ardent admirer, a dreamer, a believer, and an egoist. Went through the process of being an nasty engineer, and a cynical MBA. Now a k(NO)w-it-all IT Consultant

To replace this I came up with this-

I am someone,
I am the lost page from the chronicles of Time,
I am the lost note of the music divine,
I am the lost aroma which is fleeting smell,
I am the lost piece which the Jigsaw puzzle compels,
I am the lost word which completed the book of truth,
I am the lost map for the fountain of youth,
I am the lost droplet in raindrops & dew,
I am the lost breath fighting for survival,
I am the lost civilization hoping revivals,
I am the lost king amidst the battle,
I am the lost spectator in this babble,
I am the lost soul searching eternity,
I am the lost link of the human fraternity,
I am someone.

But then I ended it on a very different note.

Then & Now

A conversation with a very close friend, made me realize this. I know a lot of you would be aware of this, and a fact of the matter is even I know this but do I actually understand this. One thing which I think Indians, especially the young professionals who are getting exorbitant sounding salaries, need to learn from the America and Americans is the concept of debt in the economy. One thing which we learned from our parents was ‘Utne Paon Pasariye Jitni Chadar hoye’ (One should not spread his legs beyond the bed spread.) which actually means that one should not spend more than his available means.

However now around me, I see people with multiple credit cards total credit limits whooping in excess of there entire months or may be six months salary. To add toppings on this cake almost every second day I get calls on my phone I hear (not so sweet, decline in quality of call center talent is evident) voices who are willing to give me personal loans for foreign holidays, for buying diamond necklace for my ex-girlfriend with whom I broke up with almost a year ago and even for a third honeymoon when I am waiting for the first one to happen. With all this comes a temptation, a temptation to indulge now and pay for it later.

However the confidence of a high figure salary might just turn into over confidence with the cost of things which I enjoyed in a period of 15 years have changed.

1- I had a Samurai Video Game console which cost 3000 in 1996 now for the same I would like to have an X-Box which costs me 19000.

2- Whenever I used to eat out 10 years ago a Paneer Sabzi used to cost 30 bucks for a plate now it does 180 bucks.

3- We were proud owner of a Maruti 800 for which my dad always got laurels and was sign that he was well to do. These days I hardly see anyone flaunting something less than 1000000 in values. The zeroes can be added to the back of prices in a fashion similar to v’s in front of VIPs

4- The coffee I drank in 1999 was Nescafe and it made 100 cups for 50 bucks now my single cup in Barista costs me more than 50 bucks.

5- The usual rent for a 1100 sq ft house in 1995 used to be 1000-1200 bucks and now I am paying 15000

6- Previously a vacation used to be a train journey, sleeper class now the decision is tough do we fly Indigo or Jet.

7- I got my first computer in 1998 that was meager P1 processor based system with 32 MB RAM & 1 GB with a price tag of 55000 now I use a Centrino duo with 1 GB RAM and 60 HDD which cost rs 55000 (no wonder I love the computer and IT industry)

8- Treat used to be 27 bucks Vanilla Ice cream 1L brick now it Baskin Robbins or Gourmet Gelato with 65 buck for a single scoop (I don’t even know how many L is one scoop may be .1 )

9- Fuels used to be half of what they are right now.

10- Affairs used to be in love letters on 75 paise inland which ensured privacy. Last thing I would like to discuss is my phone bills when I had a girl friend to talk to.

So now I get more money and I spend more money so everyone makes more money. Anything to be very happy about arrgghh…. I don’t think so

Zindagi: La Vie Leben Vida Vita

One of my close buddies asked a harmless question “whats wrong with your zindagi or whats right?” I gave him the following answer, Nothing wrong with it. I told him exactly what I was thinking at that point of time, but I am not thinking on these lines at every point of my life. I really believe that if I can carry this form of attitude at all points of time in my life. I don’t know about anything else I would be a better person than I am now-

The only thing right about anyone’s zindagi is it’s mere existence the fact that it is still there, the clock and the beats are still ticking and u have another second to live by and everything other than this what we perceive about zindagi is wrong. It is the weight of expectations that we bind in our own desires and ambitions to the zindagi.The only fact is sometimes the weight is light and the zindagi zips past. While the others its heavy and then we say life sucks but life never sucks, its our expectations from our own life that make it suck so if anything that is wrong with my zindagi is me.

so THINK!!!!!!


I was the one who has been long in the city pent,
Life in days years and month it spent.
Over materials and matter there was a reef,
Vacant sometimes, emotions at others the heart plead.
Everyday fighting with my own attic to survive,
Usual days and the struggle to keep the spirits alive.
Pestering the soul with hopes to revive,
Reliving the past kindling the old delight,
Imagining the victory of self over thy might.
Yearning from past filling roars in shambles,
Another meek spectator ready to face world’s scramble.

Questions of a Senile Mind

It is a usual evening, where I am sitting on my corner seat, ignored as usual. People think I am a bit odd, may be a bit mad also, but why? Because I come everyday and sit on this corner seat, or may be I walk down such a long distance to reach here. They think that I can not understand the tinge of mockery in their eyes for me. I can, but what I fail to understand is, the reason of the mockery. Is it because I don’t have anyone to give me company or because I am a bit too odd to fit in the type of crowd there? They hide their faces behind their hands and laugh at me trying not to make it obvious that I am on the receiving sides of their humor. Yes that’s true that I can not see their giggling faces, but the glitter in the eyes tell me a lot of things, what it doesn’t tell me is that laugh because I don’t live their kind of life or because I am already had my share of fun and they feel that I am begging for more.

All this fun, mockery, humor and biggest of all, insult still I am here every evening to go through the same set of routine. Yes I can feel it, all of it, but what I can not feel is how I manage to tolerate everything and still be at the same place everyday. Has the sense of indulgence grown bigger than the self esteem I carry? If no, then why I allow myself to be treated in this fashion? All these question haunt me day and night, and even at the time when I set my foot out to take my daily trip. Everyday I go through the same torture and everyday I decide to for go my ego.

I have stopped believing in reason and logic long time ago, but still whatever little I am left with I feel that the sense of loneliness has overpowered me to an extent that I go through a daily dosage of humor, mockery and insult just to have some people around me. So what if they hate me, so what if they despise me, they are the only few who have some time to give a thought about me. Life has an uncanny ability to force me to learn lessons which I never wished to. Never in my thoughts I thought that I would search companionship in loathe, disgust and insult. Never believed what gratification people around me were, never thought that the feeling of being alone can be so haunting and scary. I never thought that I would let go my ego for a mere streak of recognition from some strangers. Sometimes this stupid mind thinks that I have traveled ages to be what I am, but I forgot to carry the map which told me who am I!!!!!! May be its too late or may be NOT!!!!!

The Road Bend

On this cold morning, the chilly wind brushing apart,
The city is already awake, the sun is red conquering the dark,
On the lush green trees, the larks sing their songs,
Calling all the city, “Do come along”.
The empty roads, suddenly appreciate crowd,
The shouting engines roared down with proud.
Everyone is rushing thinking of rest & joy,
On the corner stood all alone, a little boy.
All alone in this mad world he decided to toil,
Felt his home beneath the sky and above the soil.
No one in this world he had, to reach out and go,
The mettle in him, he wanted to show.
But he ever knew what will be the endm
Never realized where in eternity he will land.
Strange mix of courage and lonliness his life was a blend,
His only companion in his journey was the Road Bend.

Just Another Day

Bright rays of light falling on the eyes,
A brand new day with hopes too high,
The first feet to start the day are out of the bed
My face and the sun showing spirits in Red.

The start of the day can not be better, I believe,
A good day ahead is all I can percieve,
The world today would be at my stride,
I will go on a seventh heaven ride.

During the day emotions change, with worldy brash,
Life is unfair, rude and harsh,
The little heart filled with hope slowly slumbers,
Life is long but the days are numbered.

The day is gone, The evening light is dim
Cleared away are all my morning fantacies and whim,
The realities of the world dawn on me,
Today a pawn I was Will King I ever be?

The sun is still there glowing red but my face is white,
Spent the day figuring out how to live it right,
One more day of life some memories amassed
Just Another Day has Passed, Just Another Day has Passed.


Some of the lines which have inspired me, some quotes on life, love and attitudes

  • Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them you are a mile away and you have their shoes.
  • The reason I talk to myself is that I am the only one whose answers I accept.
  • It’s not the hours you put in your work that counts, It’s the work you put in hours that counts.
  • I beleive in nothing short of Perfection.
  • Nothing is big enough even a shout can bring on an Avalanche.
  • Success is not a result of spontaneous combustion, You have to set yourself on fire.
  • You live only once and if you live it right, Once is enough.
  • Live your life as an Exclamation!!! not as an Explanation.
  • Beleive Everything, Trust Nothing.
  • Courage is what it takes to stand up & speak also courage is what it takes down to sit down & listen.
  • Glamour has limited power, Power has unlimited glamour.
  • Love is timeless, its memory of yesterday, the happiness of today, & the promise of tomorrow.
  • If someone betrays you once, it is his fault, If he betarys you twice, It is your fault.
  • Love me for a second and I will make that second life time.

If you’re asking How long I will need you, the answer is forever
If you’re asking When I will leave you, the answer is Never
If you’re asking What I vaue, the answer is you
If you’re asking If I Love You, the answer is I do.


One of the first things which I became associated with when I seriously started pursuing computer programming was algorithms. “Algorithm is the backbone of a computer program”, I can still remember the voice of my teacher who was trying to emphasize the importance of an algorithm for writing a piece of code. Yes, she was very correct, but she narrowed the scope of an Algorithm when she restricted it to computer programming. An algorithm is defined as a set of instructions or procedures which are to be followed to achieve the desired outcome. But the scope of Algorithms is not at all related only to the computer programs, there are many algorithms which are being implemented at places which are not distantly related to computers or programming. One of such algorithms affects our daily lives. Remember when u saw a new born baby, he comes out and opens his eyes in the world, following which he learns to speak and then learns to walk. Then with the growing age he starts education formal and informal. Then it turns out that he has become big enough and finds a partner for him/her. Then he gives rise to another new child and the things continue until he/she dies. All this is a complex algorithm, may be we can call it “The Algorithm of Life” and some how even the exceptional cases that happen in the process also resemble the way Algorithms perform. This similarity between a human life and Algorithm forces me to write something on the topic. Think of the time when a person gives birth to his child, a similar thing occurs with algorithms, which is referred to as branching when an algorithm initiates another algorithm. There are times when people pass of without completing all the stages of life, strange though there is a similar phenomenon with algorithms, those related to computer programming would have came cross the term ‘Abnormal Termination’. Then there are other interesting similarities, like there are concurrent running algorithms with different parameters, and then there is passing of information between two or more algorithms. All these similarities are amazing which somehow bring to a holistic picture of a world as a huge computer, processing around six billion algorithms simultaneously, the output and processes going on in continuous fashion. All running like a matrix of numbers somewhere in the core. But one thing which haunts me is one terminology which I can’t relate to the algorithm of life is the looping algorithms, that is the algorithms who keep looping with their own instances and the lead to….EVER HEARD OF A COMPUTER HANG?????