Thanks for Letting Me Win It

I have never been good at sports, and probably my lack of ability to play them well actually drove me away from them. It was only a lot later in life some where in my late twenties I realized there is a lot more to sports than just playing them, being good at them and winning them. Since then I have consciously tried to play some sports, watch some or at least follow the news etc. There are three sports which kind of got me interested Cricket which I like to watch live or on television, Squash which I learnt to play a bit during my days at Infosys and Lawn Tennis which I have only followed but have been greatly influenced by it. So tonight when the Wimbledon final was on, I was following it. The Men’s singles match was a great one between Roger Fedrer and Novak Djokovic. It was a very tough match where it was extremely difficult to choose favorite. Finally Djokovic won the match in a very closely fought contest. Surprisingly, it was nowhere within the play that was my favorite moment of the game. It was during the victory speech by Djokovic which brought a lump in my throat. He said for Roger Fedrer “He’s a great role model and a great champion & I thank him for letting me win today.” while Fedrer was smiling at his comment no where reminiscent of the fact that they have fought every tooth and nail for the world’s most prestigious trophy in lawn tennis. You can see the entire video below.

His words again reminded me that sports are not only about winning, they are about being respectful to your opponent against whom you scored your victory. They are about being humble about your achievements. The power of hard work determination to achieve your goals. And it was not only Djokovic today who won my heart, it was also Fedrer when he claimed his runners up trophy he said “Definitely I felt the love out here again, I’ve enjoyed myself a lot. See you next year”. The man is simply an epitome of enjoying the experience of playing, enjoying the journey more than the result. The man is a promise of “I will work hard and try to win it next year” and that is what makes him such a legend. My heart has always rooted for Roger Fedrer, and it felt bad that he lost, but the attitude and humility of both the players reminded me that at the end of the day the game of tennis is a winner and the whole humanity is a winner.

A sincere thank you Djoker & Fedex for giving me a lesson in life through tennis.


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4 comments on “Thanks for Letting Me Win It”

  1. Ramesh Reply

    Tennis is surprisingly chockfull of great sportsmen, at the moment. This is an anachronism. In most sports, champions are vain, aggressive, and typically alpha male. Take cricket, supposedly a gentleman’s game. You have to go a long way to find a gentleman.

    Djokovic, Nadal and Federer are wonderful exceptions. They are great champions, but also great sportsmen. Rightfully you have extolled them.

    And yes, yesterday’s match was a classic.

  2. Bikram Reply

    This year I did not get to watch a single match in wimbeldon.. I had tickets to the finals but could not go because of something that came up..
    but yeah I think one needs to be into sports , it teaches us a lot of things ..

    Thankfully i have been good in sports but then that is all i was good in , I barely managed to pass in studies 🙂


  3. Gargi Reply

    My thoughts exactly when I was watching this last night. I was a great fan of Pete Sampras and fell out of watching tennis once he retired. But now and then I stumble across the occasional match and yesterday’s was awesome!

  4. Rohit Ainapur Reply

    Djokovic is more than inspiring!! He’s always been modest about himself and maintain that level of sportsmanship… During his latest win at Wimbledon, He infact, stopped his car to congratulate Leander Paes and even shouted out, “You inspire me.”

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