The Common Man Day 21

When I read this news today, somewhere I was deeply moved. There are somethings you grow up with, I believe my generation and the generation elder to me and younger to me have all grown up with the works of the legend R.K. Laxman is. He suffered from 3 strokes and had to be air-lifted from Pune to Mumbai breach candy hospital. Though his situation is stable now the whole news was scary for millions of his fans like me.

Wish him a speedy and healthy recovery.

Here I leave you with some gems of R.K. Laxman.

Images: Courtesy TOI

13 comments on “The Common Man Day 21”

  1. hitchwriter Reply

    You know the moment I read that news… I was like… what will happen to the paper once this man leaves for heavens… thats the only bit i see generally on the front page… before I head for the sports page… !

    May he recover sooon !!! and get back to work !!!

    • Prats Reply

      @Hitchwriter: I know what you mean…TOI has hardly anything else worth reading in the newspaper…

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