The Dream

The chimes of her voice and cacophonies of my mind,
Tryst of the music to the deaf and the art to the blind,
The dazed images of bliss passing under the deep shut eyes,
Holding on, reliving was all that could be tried.

The clouds of doubtful dust and the obscured vision,
The uninitiated sense within still vouched for unison,
Mind over the matter or the contrariwise,
All through the dream there was no respite.

To be or not be was a question the great poet asked,
The answer ignored and the glory of the question was basked,
All that was needed a sound to open the overlooking glance,
Listening to the heart and derive the answer through the stance.

The lonesome traveler within the nightmares,
Got his answers when destiny was more than fair,
When the cacophonies and chimes surprisingly combined,
The music and the namesake sounded divine.

The dream was over, the dust seemed settled for a clear sky,
And the flavor of the dream was still glittering in the eyes,
It was a new day, darkness fleeting with the dawn,
A change racing through unimpeded, with the yawns.

The rays of sun with a promise of a beautiful tomorrow,
A staunch base to wave off all the future sorrows,
Visions of Well Wishers, friends, Love, a mรฉnage and a wife,
Something within told me a new life had arrived.

This poem was written about the whole process ofย  getting into a relationship, and is dedicated to the love of my Life, Divz.

12 comments on “The Dream”

  1. Prats Reply

    @Bhavya: he he he Now u get chance to even with me… Thanks

    @Tanvi: Thanks…The bearer of the same fate ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. tikulicious Reply

    this is sweet i love the images that are so vivid reading poems like these.. visual delights thanks for sharing. May the love blossom

  3. rinzu Reply

    hey i loved your prose and more so the stuff about ipl. but some of the stuff you wrote was too hard to digest. i hope you brush your skills before you write write your next poem. for not every piece written in quatrains is not a poem.

    just a suggestion,rest is your wish.

    keep writing

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