The Marriage of the IT Geek

So as evident from my last post actually two of my close friends have decided to get married. So I am writing this detailed post about one of them. Well both of them deserve a very special mention in my life.

I thought of writing the detailed post about both of them but there is hardly anything to write about Vicky and Shriya. They meet, they fall in love, they remain in love, they get married, and they live happily ever after. Trust me theirs have been a perfect love story, you know one of the perfect made for each other couple I know.

Now comes the second one, on her specific request order threat, I have been asked not to reveal her identity, I mean I still can but not if I want to live remaining days of my life. So basically this friend of mine she is a lady of strong convictions. The primary reason she is my friend would be that she loves her laptop more than all her boyfriend(s). So being one of the biggest Business+IT geeks I know around, I am charting out how probably here decision to marry would have been executed.

Symptoms- Lonely Soul, Random Weekends with nothing substantial to do, Dissatisfied stakeholders (read Mom, Dad and extended family), irregular no sex.

Internal Consultants-Aforementioned Stakeholders

External Consultants- Close friends (including me, at least till now)

Problem Statement- Absence of long term personal vision

Solution from the Consultants- Get married

Time Frame for implementation of solution- 2 Years

RFI floated- Interested vendors putting in their claims and portraying their eligibility. Including their strength in the market (read muscles/body building), financial position to execute the contract (read flaunting money), domain expertise (read learning and testimonies from ex-girlfriends on how good in bed) and intellectual capital

RFP- The guys fighting it out amongst themselves to position themselves a suitable match aka Rakhi Sawantโ€™s much talked about svaiyamvar. Finally when the RFP process is over the appropriate vendor (read bgroom is selected)

Requirements Gathering & Fit-Gap- Now the dearie friend and the would be in waiting do a requirement analysis and identify where the process changes required. Now the process gets funny The client keeps having funny requirements which are finally signed off by all the stakeholders.

Go-Live- Now this what would be the marriage.

Post Go-Live Support- lets not talk about it here. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ps. If I am found missing or absconding after this post. Please read an obituary for me.

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  1. thenewbnb Reply

    coming from the genre of dissatisfied individuals (as far as social institutions is concerned), i would agree tht a marriage really is a nothing but a business transaction dressed elegantly in silk/zari/zardosi/swarovski. so ur post pretty much nails it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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