The Newsroom Mafia

Author: Oswald Pereira
Publisher: Grey Oak/ Westland
Price: 245/-
Pages: 266

The Indian fiction is picking up steam with people courting apart from the usual romance, college genres. It was enjoyable to see a book dealing with a new theme woven around the fourth estate. The book is set in the backdrop of Mumbai, plodding the nexus between the underworld, cops and the media.

The author himself plays the protagonist, the chief reporter of a major daily. The story unfolds itself amidst the tense moments where the commissioner of Mumbai police Donald gives him the prior information on the arrest of the local don Narayan Swamy. The idea being when the arrest is carried out the commissioner gets his share of publicity and the newspaper gets the breaking news. The things take a sudden twist when the don manages to trick the police, and the news goes into the print.

With such an unprecedented event, the story proceeds with a thrilling game of cat and mouse between the don and the police with various elements from the media divided on both sides. The story charters the history of the rise of the don, his nexus with the politicians and the significant contribution made by the media in his rise by brokering deals, sharing information and forging public perceptions.

The book is fast paced tale amidst a series of thrilling events from the eyes of world of newspapers. The tale is woven well with a fast pace which would keep the reader on the edge, the book looks like a sure recipe for a bollywood action thriller. The book manages to keep the attention of the reader, while distantly relating events to things which we might have read in the newspapers. There are multiple twists in the tale, in the background of the rags to riches story of the don Narayan Swamy.

The author has done a brilliant job with the characterization of the Don, but to bring in the multiple twists in the story the author has also introduced a significantly large set of characters because of that the characterization and their involvement in the plot becomes a bit complicated

Overall a decent quick read on a new topic with a fresh plot, which manages to capture the imagination of the readers.

Summary: A quick and interesting reads who like the thrillers, especially involving underworld and the workings of the media. A fresh perspective on Journalism and the mirth in its world might interest a casual reader too

Rating: 6.5/10


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