The Time When I Quit

Recently I quit my first job, it was an emotional and significant moment of my life and career. I wrote a parting shot part which would leave the people smiling as you know I hate sad good byes. So here is what I wrote-

I always use to get last day at office emails from people I didn’t knew(actually sometimes people I knew too) I always wondered that is it customary or they do it plain to make likes of me jealous. I had thought that I will simply get out of here, if I ever did, with silence and dignity. Now that you are already reading this we can all agree this ain’t gonna happen. So my best parting shot from here would be create a mail that would at least make you smile for a while and trust me on this I will put all my effort and won’t let any kind of truth stand in between the satire and humor of the mail.

Now that I have set the context of the letter, I came here after doing a soft engineering course and a professional business management course after which I landed for my first job, it was nothing like I could have ever dreamt of. It was surprisingly different, different than any of my colleges, or companies where I did internships and projects, it was like being back to school, and as the old adage goes school days are the best days of life things were similar yet a bit different here. I was always happy and scared of the school over time, when the last bell rang and the gates were thrown open you could see a crowd running towards the gate and at that time it was next to impossible to stop those enthusiastic kids, I have always had a same feeling here, when you stand amidst the path towards the exit gate around 6o clock bus time. I had a feeling that if I walked in an opposite direction people might push my giant frame to the ground and walk over. And somehow the look on the people’s face was satisfying, I actually made it a point to stand on the side lines of the food court and watch people leave. The times have come to an end, the kid has decided to be a drop out from this school.

Generally people are thankful and express gratitude in their last emails, I am not sure but my first and foremost gratitude should be conveyed to the person who conceived the idea to have a Café Coffee Day inside the campus, because of whom I have been branded as a person who has more caffeine than blood in his body by my own team. Not to forget the security guards who always ensured that I walked on the pavements instead of roads, lest I get run over by lorry’s and speeding traffic in an automotive free campus. I would like to thank the cleaning folks who actually thought it would be a great idea to clean the windows of my ECC room at 2 in the night hanging by the 5th floor, I was definitely entertained to see a person hanging outside my 5th floor window waving something weird at me in the half sleep.

Now that you have realized there is nothing worthwhile in this mail to actually read further and identified it was a complete waste of time. Actually you are cursing me for writing this one and then even sending this across to you, you may go back to work. Before you delete this mail, please enter these 2 mins spent reading this mail in the timesheet under code TWRLDM- Time Wasted Reading Trashy Last Day Mail, after all we are all serious about reporting our work hours people, aren’t we?

On a serious note, Adieu to all of you. I have made friends here which I would cherish my entire life, I have learned a lot through the people whom I have worked with. The HR folks made me give up everything I had related to this company from the computers, to phone, to the I-cards but one thing they won’t be able to take away is my friendship with people here and memories of good times I have had here. I express my sincere thanks to everyone who made my journey here worthwhile. This would be my last day here and henceforth I would be reachable at Email@id or can be followed through my website

Good Byes for now and as Daniel Ocean said, “See ya when I see ya”.


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  1. Ram Reply

    Prats at what prats does best… I like the feel ..I can just imagine the kind of jealous guys you left behind 😉 with that mail

  2. neerja Reply

    dear prats
    prats sounds nicer
    for this blog
    another door always opens when one shuts
    pity the HR made you give up everything that made you think of your company
    they wanted i guess for you to move on
    and not lookback
    else they were eyeing your comp and mobile since long. lusting after it is more like it!
    on a more serious note:
    wishing you well and a brighter wakeful future
    where you wud be able to cheerily say hi to the window cleaners at all unearthly moony hours

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    • Prats Reply

      @Reema: They do, and anyways this was the mail I sent to almost everyone I was in touch with in my last company 🙂

    • Prats Reply

      @Monika: Thanks, I know there is this emotional connect you have which gets broken and you learn what NRN meant when he said “Love you Job Not Your Company”

    • Prats Reply

      @Pri: Not even a single one, sent this on my last day and after this they deleted my Email account in office 😉 Clever me right?

  4. sri Reply

    that was the most witty way of saying bye , I was reading it with a smile 🙂

    // The HR folks made me give up everything I had related to this company from the computers, to phone, to the I-cards but one thing they won’t be able to take away is my friendship with people here and memories of good times I have had here.//

    That was so touchy if I were ur ex colegue I would have walked up to ur desk and would have given a big bear hug, jus like joey and chandler of friends 🙂

  5. Aarti Reply

    For some reason, of your other posts, i opened to read this now… Sounds a lot like the Goodbye email i wrote… Thru the mail i got to read some memorable replies…and thanks to the mail, am still in touch with quite a few colleagues, bosses and others..!!

    Hope new job in Blore is good…:)

    • Prats Reply

      @Aarti: I actually wanted to leave on a funny or humorous note. Sth people would remember. I made some great friends with my ex-colleagues too.

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