TweetPals: Story of @Fraands

I was recently saw a video on CNN IBN featuring twitter. I have been using twitter since quite some time and I have my own set of experiences some good some bad. The thing which has kept me on twitter and addicted to it is my good experiences outnumber the bad ones by huge margins. Courtesy twitter, I have had some amazing experiences in the virtual world and I thought that I have got far more to share about my experiences on twitter and my journey on it. As I wrote here that my twitter experience have been enriched by the people I have met. I have started this series called TweetPals where I am going to document my moments (Pal in Hindi) of twitter and my friends (Pals in English, thankfully for the pun) of twitter.

The TweetPals Series #1 undoubtedly goes to @Fraands

In the initial days of tweeting, when twitter was still a very new phenomenon in India. Almost none of the high profile Indian celebs were there, there were some enthusiasts like me who were there vociferously tweeting. Generally despite the conversations being on an open time line on twitter, there are silos are created based on conversations, locations, interests, ethnicity, sports, News and what not. I too had a a set of people I interacted most with, our silo was basically what we can call as YUP (Young Urban Professional) and we had common taste in humor and satire. Primarily the group consisted of @brainstuck @CruciFire @crazytwism @Tweepak @fossiloflife @radha_ @prateekgupta @keeda @rush_me

We used to mark each with @replies when we were talking as a group. Eventually we reached a point that marking all of us consumed more than half of the 140 character limit on twitter, leaving us almost no character space to write anything. This was when @brainstuck came with this brilliant idea of having an id for us. The name of the id was decided when @Rush_me suggested friends @crucifire orkutised it as @fraands and then @tweepak RTed it and finally @brainstuck used it in the id which we could all relate to.

I can still remember the string of conversation/events after which we actually formed the entire @fraands group-

1- @Crucifire was our top contender for a contest called Yaymen organized on twitter. He was tweeting for people to vote for him in the contest.

2- @Crazytwism with his satire jumped in with an Idea that he should be distributing sarees as done by some politician who was in the news.

3- The laugh riot started with @brainstuck started taking case of @crazytwism that he wanted to wear a saree.

4- The conversationw as soon joined in by yours truly, @radha_ where we took to such an extent that the simple saree turned into suhaag ka joda for @crazytwism and @crucifire

5- Then somehow the direction shifted to @Radha_ and who mentioned about her stilettos, which comfortably turned by @brainstuck to Weapons of A** Destruction.

6- The situation was out of control everybody had joined and we actually had no space to name everyone and have our jibe too.

7- It was then @fraands was created.

A lot of things have changed since then, Twitter grew leaps and bounds. The users increased, and with them came the consciousness of too many people watching, it also grew new silos with more specific area of interests. Also a lot of change in companies where twitter got blocked and the bosses joined twitter, that the common leg pulling and satire mellowed down a lot. But still the bonds formed and the moments of tweeting then remain unparalleled in my hearts. All said and done we all tweet, discuss things and still laugh over the jokes often obvious and sometime hidden subtly beneath the tweets.

I must say that was my first and the most remarkable experience on twitter, I can proudly say till date my best on the Virtual Social media experience. 8 people who I have never met in my real life, but know them as if I have been friends with them for ages, I call that the Power of Social Media, my Tweetpals.


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19 comments on “TweetPals: Story of @Fraands”

  1. Reema Reply

    Yeyy! for twitter! 🙂 nice to know the story behind @fraands 🙂
    That video was too good. Got to see some famous tweeps on my list (not to mention their real names and ages 😛 ) and was so happy to see my DP in timelines in the first part in which @nitinsgr and @nithinkd were covered.

  2. Brainstuck Reply

    Even the following of @fraands grew by leaps and bounds.

    Btw, I didnt suggest the tag fraands, I think @Rush_me did. But a good ol’ story, thanks for sharing it.. 🙂 @fraands, FTW!

  3. Crucifire Reply

    Lovely story bro…. fultoo nostalgia and u actually remember all those conversations, damn! u shud have been a chick 😀

    Just reiterating what i also think – 8 people who I have never met in my real life, but know them as if I have been friends with them for ages, I call that the Power of Social Media, my Tweetpals.

    Jay aka Crucifire

    Ps: The word @fraands was coined by me…. kaise dost ho yaar 😉

  4. Radha Reply

    Feels nice to read about this old story 🙂 Those days used to be great fun at the expense of spamming the timeline with inane jokes and jabs at each other..
    Yay to @fraands!!

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