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I don’t know if anybody is still reading this blog, if you are then probably you might have noticed that I have been AWOL for quite some time. From the looks of it, I have made more comeback attempts than Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra combined. As you would have guessed that this post is akin to the Dhoom 3 with only a minor glitch, that none of the Aamir Khans of the blogging world agreed to feature in this one. The result you see, is that you will have to sit back and listen to my ‘longish’ rants.
So the fact that I have been absconding from the blogging world is in some parts due to the fact that I have been busy and occupied. The remaining parts is a different story of sorts, I believe the decline in blogging is not limited to my blog. A lot of great and regular bloggers which I used to look forward to read every day have slowly pilfered because of the other conquest of life into oblivion. Some of these blogs and the reason of decline in blogging has been very well listed by Smita, which kind of inspired me to write this post.
 photo FBLike_zpsb0bfa517.png
I believe a big reason for the bloggers to reduce is Facebook; after all it provides what our generation thrives on “Instant Gratification”. There used to be days when we used to get a nice punchy idea and we noted it down; develop an entire post around it; and then wait for the comments from the fellow bloggers and readers. Now the punchy idea is crushed into a few lines tapped on the smartphones for posting on FB and then follow the likes, “Instant Gratification”. The fact that at any point of time somebody is online in our FB friend list and people get notifications on their smartphones makes it quicker. I have been trapped in the deluge of these likes only to realize how superficial they are.
After not so deep thought and analysis in which I must state that no animals were harmed except for the brain of yours’ truly the following is a list of type of like which are commonly seen on Facebook. Feel free to add some if I have missed a few.

1- “He/she was such a loser in school/college how come he/she turned into this stud/babe” Like
2- “How does such a loser land up with a hottie like this” Like
3- “Is that a Mercedes/Audi/BMW, must have married for the money” Like
4- “I think you are hot” Like
5- “Why the F**K this loser gets to have a destination vacation and I don’t?” Like
6- “Everybody is settling abroad except me liking overseas pictures out of frustration” Like
7- “You had a baby but I don’t care but still pretend to care” Like
8- “You are in my city but I hope we don’t bump into each other” Like
9- “Have to like otherwise dad/mom/relatives/nagging friend will call and ask why I didn’t like their post” like
10- “I like everything on my wall, obsessive compulsive” Like
11- “You are my boss and I have to suck it up” like
12- “I am a stalker and will like all your pictures posted on FB ever” Like
13- “You wished me birthday on FB and I acknowledge” Like
14- “You launched a hobby/startup (which I am not interested in and hope it never sees the light of any VC funding and IPO) and forced me to like your page” Like
15- “You bought a DSLR, now have photography page” Like
16- “You posted something and I have an obligation to acknowledge” like
17- “Reassurance that I still exist” Like
18- “I don’t remember “Who the F**K are you” just pretending to know you” Like
19- “That was the easiest button to press” Like
20- “Liked by mistake, now embarrassed to Unlike it” Like

And if all these types of likes weren’t good enough, then you can always like my page on Facebook.

13 comments on “Unlike The Like”

  1. Ramesh Reply

    Ha Ha. We readers are there, even if you only come here sporadically :):)

    Some great pieces of wisdom to add to your list

    1. I brushed my teeth – Like
    2. I am bored – Like
    3. I am hungry – Like
    4. I just got into my car – Like
    5. I am wearing my short – Like


    • Prats Reply

      @Ramesh I thought of another one, “I didn’t understand a thing in this but liking to pretend I am intellectual” Like 🙂

  2. Swaram Reply

    LOL, FB has it’s role to play for sure.
    Although, I do feel there is a dip in the number of heartfelt, honest posts that I used to love reading too. But yes, all said and done, I so want to come back and record things in that blog of mine – miss doing that and re-reading them when I feel like 🙂

    • Prats Reply

      @Swaram Do try and come back, honest and heartfelt writing is something which we all look forward to read and connects us as it has since so many years

  3. D Reply

    I quit FB few months back. I was spending so much energy and bandwidth..not to mention time on doing all the above activities that I realized its high time I quit! Now the second thing on my agenda is TV. While i watch very less of it, I am going to stop watching it altogether.

    worst is, when I found myself looking at picture sof people i did not even know…some friend liked and it came on my timeline…and I would go through the entire album!!…isnt it insane!!

  4. Bikram Reply

    Hey.. How are you doing.. GLad to be here again .. and i LIKE it tooo he he he

    I hope you LIKE it too he he he

    sadly such is the world we live in, people say one thing and mean the other ..


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