Urban Shots Book Launch in Bangalore

20 comments on “Urban Shots Book Launch in Bangalore”

  1. deepti Reply

    Yay!!..many many many congratulations…..will call u soon..:)..and will but the book asap..:)

  2. Bikram Reply

    🙂 i saw it too late missed it

    but hey culd not have made it i am in uk a bit far fetched to go 🙂

    hopefully early next year will see the beautiful city of bangalore 🙂


  3. Pooja Reply

    Congratulations. And that book seems to be selling fast. I tried ordering on flipkart and it is out of stock. Well.. Till my next visit to a bookstore.

    • Prats Reply

      @Pooja: Thanks a lot….The stocks are replenished now; you can order through flipkart, indiaplaza or tradus online. The books is also available on most of the crosswords and Landmark Outlets.

      • Pooja Reply

        Ya. My order from flipkart arrived earlier this book. Didn’t read the entire book, but did read your story. Loved it, especially since something similar happened to a good friend of mine.

  4. Abhijit Reply


    Just got hold of the book yesterday…Read a few stories..m liking it.. Will let U know once I finish the entire set!!!


  5. shuhaibhameed Reply

    A big congratulation for the effort taken to bring out the anthology. I very well know the pain being the writer and publisher of 4 books. I am proud of you guys. Nice to hear the book is selling like anything. I bought the book from Infibeam. Have only finished the first 4. Will give my comments when I am through with the book.

    • Prats Reply

      @Shuhaibhameed: Thanks a lot for support, understanding and appreciation. Looking forward for your feedback on the book and specially on Apple Pies And The Grey Sweater.

  6. Harshada Patil Reply

    Really loved reading this book.
    Good collection of stories.
    Great work and keep going.


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