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As all of my readers would have noticed, that poetry as a form of writing is something that comes really easily to me, something serious, philosophical, or something humorous or may be a day to day situations. Poetry or a limerick is something that comes the most naturally to me and is my most convenient form of expression.
It was the poetries that I wrote saved me from suffering a writers block or a what should I post today syndrome while doing the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo).
Now most of you would be wondering why I am harping about poetry so much today, Well I got nominated for the Indiblogger of the Month today contest in the category β€œOriginal Poetry”. The posts which have been nominated for the contest are as following-
An Amorous Antithesis
Just Another Day
The High Way To Drive
The Railway Station

You can check all my poetry related posts here

The voting has already started and would remain open for 1 Week from now so all Indiblogger Member please log in and vote for me here-
The blog is registered with the name β€œGinger & Cardamom” . So please please vote for me.
For all those who do not have an Indiblogger account yet. You will have to register first, to cast your vote
Click here and register yourself and you get the following following benefits!

  • You can get your blog ranked and win awards
  • You can find great blogs by Indians
  • You get to attend or organize IndiBlogger meets which serve free beer by Australian models
  • You can get your blog reviewed and discuss blogging
  • You can network with fellow Indibloggers which are the largest network of Indian bloggers
  • You can also monitor the statistics for your blog by the single dashboard from the Indiblogger

Now just to emphasize my point here is a limerick for asking votes-

Indiblogger of the Month what a contest they hold,
One nomination for me & this limerick I mould,
Not a politician that I can offer beer, blankets or the crispy notes,
All I can do is request you to, cast in favor of me your precious votes.

So people cast your vote for Indiblogger of the Month- Original Poetry for me.

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  2. Sri Reply

    sorry bhayya tried couple of times to register with the site, i dont get thier confirmation mail, something seriously wrong with me πŸ™‚ LOL would do it again in the weekend πŸ™‚

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