We Can Pull It Off

Author: Suresh Taneja
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Price: 200/-

After reading multiple Indian authors who have written with books on relationships, campuses, love stories deceit. We Can Pull It Off is different, it has been a long time since an Indian author has come up with a light but an issue based book. We Can Pull It Off is based in 2030 with a view that India has become a super power; and one of the most prosperous nation of the world. The book starts with the Indian ambassador helping the US government with an aid of 100 bn USD.

Then the story charts back how the transformation of this scale happened within a span of 20 years. The story charts back to close friends of the ambassador in their early teens that were pivotal in addressing the mammoth problem of corruption through their movement. The catch of the book are two brilliant ideas using which the protagonists address the problem of corruption. I am sure every Indian has at one time or the other wondered, is there a solution to the problem of corruption which has infected the entire country like cancer. The place where book scores, and scores big time is the innovative ideas through which the protagonists solve the problem. It leaves the reader with two things, a thought if it is really possible and a distant ray of hope.

The pace of the story is fast, and most of the story runs in the flashback with very little references to the present of 2030 every now and then. The storyline is issue based and it never loses the core focus on the central issue during the course of the book. The book has managed to capture snippets of a social revolution and aftermaths very well though in order to maintain the flow there have been instances where the protagonists acted like superman.

The place where book fails is the characterization, the book has too many characters and too less characterization. The audience miss the emotional connect with the protagonists of the story because there isn’t too much to know about them in the book. The author has used a grouping technique where he refers a group of characters as G4, G3, G6; I believe this was done to indicate the idea that the movement was a group thing not giving any individual character a limelight, but then it takes away a lot more connect from the audience when the individual characters are concerned. If one is very particular about literary elements, characterization and narratives than this might not be the right book to read.

Summary: A nice book, a must read for people who have wondered is there a solution to the problem of corruption for a possible and probable solution. A fresh breather by an Indian Author optimistic, hopeful, a break from college romances, which will hook you to the idea.

Rating: 3/5

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