When You're Gone

I have been really very busy with work since last few days, I have not been able to find time to write anything, so out of desperation I am fishing out something which I wrote long back but never put on the blog. I promise would return back tomorrow with a freshly written post. Till then enjoy this poetry I wrote sometime back-

When You’re Gone

The World has stopped, Life is dull & slow

The humans still, The tress silent as the seeds were never sowed,

The roads lying speechless all along,

The skylarks are silent without a song.

Yesterday was as beautiful as it could have been,

For me the world, the world to me she seemed,

My life lost all the reasons it had to be,

Every time I opened my eyes in front was she.

Some little fact that my heart refuses to explain,

Her glittering eyes, How they relieved all my pain,

What it a bliss!! It seemed like a boon,

But never understood why it had to end so soon.

The life is empty, loneliness surrounds,

All around is vacuum with memories profound,

A surreal touch and a loving glance,

A long wait for the life to get another chance.

All of the sudden the folklore of life ,

has lost all the untold stories,

Without her I am the sun,

Who who somewhere lost his glory.

I am really sorry to disappoint you folks with such a post. Promise to come back tomorrow with something better.

Ps.: This was written very long time back and I never thought this is worthy enough to be told, but desperate time calls for desperate measures. So you can hurl all the shoes at me you like (pairs would be welcomed, shoe size 11 😀 )

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  1. Prats Reply

    @ Preeti Shenoy: Yeah at some point of time 🙂

    @brocasarea: oh i should post something new on the blog. Thats the National Blog Posting Month Challenge. But I got really occupied with office work yesterday. So was feeling sorry 🙁

    @Smita: And sadly I didn’t get any. Expecting at least one pair from you 🙂

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