Why My MIL Calls Me a Cyclone

I have a weird relationship with Bangalore; somehow I never liked Bangalore (a probable reason for this might be that I was forced to relocate there the first time when I went there). So the bottom-line is that I hate Bangalore and the feeling is mutual, as in, Bangalore hates me in return. I tried to make my amends by selecting a Bangalore lady as my beloved WhyFee. But somehow Bangalore didn’t find that too entertaining either. So now I was left with a city that hates me and a family as my in-laws which take the slogan “Namma Bengaluru” a tad too seriously.
I generally fell ill with asthmatic allergy or viral infection in Bangalore and as soon as I touch the land of Bangalore it simply starts raining and weather would become unreasonably cold triggering my illness. You know multiple times the sequence of events are like this-
I would ask my WhyFee, how is the weather in Bangalore and what kind of warm clothes should I carry?
She would say it’s sunny and dry; you won’t need too many warm clothes. And thus I would arrive with only one sweater (Yes despite everything I know what a B**CH Bangalore becomes just seeing my face)
Then as soon as I walk out of the airplane towards the airport, it would start with a mild drizzle and that would only stop when I step back in the plane for my return journey. Then it would be back to dry and sunny weather.
So this time I went to Bangalore and it rained like cats & dogs all the time I was there, and somehow my in-laws also believed that I was the cause of the incessant rains all across Bangalore.
So the morning when I was all set to come back to Pune, my mother-in-law was going through the newspaper. She suddenly looked up and asked “Is your name Cyclone? You have been mentioned on the front page of Times in Bangalore.”
I took the newspaper and found myself staring into the headlines “Cyclone arrives in Bangalore, Causes Rains, Showers and Thunderstorm”. I silently agreed, “Yes mom, my name is cyclone”
Needless to say it has been all dry, sunny and pleasant since the day I have left Bangalore.

25 comments on “Why My MIL Calls Me a Cyclone”

  1. Reena Reply

    Bombay is facing acute water shortage. hope u wud grace the city wid u’r presence 🙂

    • Prats Reply

      @Deepti: Oh that was on helluva evening. Enjoyed it absolutely. Though I remember our time at Sikander more than the Diwali.

  2. Smita Reply

    lol!! Mr. Cyclone!!! he he he he…that was a good one!!!

    Some instances in life can never been explained!! 😀

    BTW when you update your blog I don’t get an update in my reader & neither does my blog roll gets updated. Any idea why?

    • Prats Reply

      @Smita: “Some instances in life can never been explained!!” – So Very True.

      Your blog roll doesn’t gets because you still linked to my old blogger account (blog.prats.co.in)
      I moved to self hosted WP (http://prats.co.in) around five months back.

      The feeds haven’t changed unless u were subscribed to old blogspot feed. Subscribe to the new feed (http://prats.co.in/feed/)

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  4. Winnie the poohi Reply

    Frankly it is not you! the bangalore weather is always so unpredictable 🙂 besides it is still raining.. and not sunny at all!

    • Prats Reply

      @Winnie The Poohi: Yes, but somehow I generally met in Bangalore with heavy showers… Somehow thats how the luck has been with me.

  5. Chatterbox Reply

    That was a hilarious post!

    Being called Mr. Cyclone, you’re looked at being very powerful for sure 😉

    Some places simply aren’t meant for us.

    Keep up the good work.


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