It is a very sad state of affairs when you write something romantic and you have no one to dedicate it to. Enough insights of my romantic life, so here I dedicate this poem to all the lovely ladies on whom I have had crushes on any point of time, to all the cute chicks with whom I have or tried to flirt at any point of time in my life and especially to those who have had or expressed a fickle of romantic interest in me. So all the damsels (okies; married woman too) this one is for-

Whispers of your voice echoing in my breath,
The sounds of your silence loose me in their depth,
The reflections of innocence in your eyes,
Leaves me wondering; to steal glances or to pry.

The shimmer of your smile makes my heart skip a beat,
The chimes of your laughter and my mind loses the streak,
The healing touch of your hands,
Sends down in me innocuous breathless pangs.

The rhythm of your walk makes the music of my heart beats,
The tinge of your sparkling earrings makes the language I speak,
Your batting eyelashes showing the glances of glory,
Keeps me alive on the hope to live my own dream and story.

Destiny tells me; my roots would be you giving life to the tree,
Enticing my trapped soul to wander and be free,
Sparkling light would be you for shadows of darkness on me,
Little drops of joy on the deserts you would be.

The wait for changing seasons is the fate of the sowed,
The desire for your loving glance and every moment it grows,
I know your destined to habitate my heartโ€™s abandoned city
For that moment of love I will, I will wait for you till eternity.

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  1. tikulicious Reply

    ๐Ÿ™‚ reminds me of the song To ALL THE GIRLS I HAVE LOVED BEFORE .. NICE .. VERY NICE

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