Zero Percentile 2.0 Missed IIT Kissed Gurgaon

Author: Neeraj Chhibba
Publisher: Rupa
Price: 140/-
Pages: 257

I had reviewed Neeraj’s first book Zero Percentile around two years back. I liked that book and thought it was a really good attempt at the story telling. When I saw his second book I knew that I had to read it and hence I got my hands on Zero Percentile 2.0 Missed IIT Kissed Gurgaon.  This is the sequel to his first book and takes off from where the first book got over. Pankaj is back from Russia and Motu, Priya, and Nitin are out of college, moving to the next phase of life.

The story is woven around entrepreneurship where all the friends come together to start a software consulting company. The story is woven across the professional conflicts and personal relationships where marriages and friendships are compromised on the altar of ambition and values. The story focuses on a multiple socially relevant issues like, ethics & values in corporate India, AIDS, treatment of special children in our society, and failing marriages due to over ambition; despite all the issues in picture the author maintains the track which is a delight for the reader.

The characterization in the book is good and since Neeraj has maintained the uniformity from the last books the characters are more realistic and create a direct connect with the reader. The pace of the story is something which works very well for the book, the continuous chain of events happening one after the other keeps the reader glued throughout the story. Corporate espionage, cyber attacks and a hostile takeover, if one likes corporate thrillers this would definitely be of interest. Compared to his earlier book this one has a lot of depth and improvisation not only in the plot but also in the method of storytelling. The skewed time frame he has used between the chapters keep the reader informed and aware despite being a bit confusing.

Though the book is an individual and there is no compulsion to read it as a sequel, but there are a few references of the story from the first book which the new readers might miss; given that the sequel is coming after two years it is a bit difficult to recollect the details.

Summary: Overall a great book set up in the emerging entrepreneurs’ corporate; a fast paced and entertaining read.

Rating:  3.5/5

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  1. Namrata Reply

    This is an average book with average starting , though it becomes like a Indian movie climax at the end. A nice read for a weekend. One suggestion to all future readers please read “Zero Percentile:Missed IIT Kissed Russia,” before reading this one as there are many instances in the current book which are marked with ‘ * ‘ that refers to the context of first book. I read Neeraj’s first book during early 2010, and at times I felt it was difficult for me to recall those instances.

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